Wanda Vázquez Garced admits that Ashley Marie Torres Feliciano is the indulto condicional

Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced acousti hoy the indulgence of Ashley Marie Torres Feliciano, the young mother, victim of domestic violence, who was sentenced to 111 years, was summoned as a caretaker of an assessee.

The information was confirmed to El Nuevo Día for sources. La Fortaleza has not been confirmed.

The indentation by the Governors is in accordance with Article 4 of the Constitution of Puerto Rico. Pueden, through this potestad, suspends the execution of sentences in criminal cases, indulges, commits penalties and condemns total and multiple divisions by comedies committed in violation of the laws.

Torres Feliciano is the conditional indictment, which implies that he completes certain conditions after the death of the prisoner.

The result is currently 28 years old and is in the Bayamón Correctional Complex. El Nuevo Día supo que Torres Feliciano seria excellada el proximo lunes, 4 de enero.

Last December 23, the governor and lawyer Julio Fontanet met in La Fortaleza to talk about the case. ‘Reunida con Lcdo. Julio Fontanet del Proyecto Inocencia refers to various cases. La verdad y la justicia siempre han sido mi norte ”, published the salary mandatearia on the social red Twitter.

The result is currently 28 years old and is in the Bayamón Correctional Complex. The clemency petition is the most recent intention of Torres Feliciano, who has refused to be the driver of the hechos, to be released from prison.

The hechos will be reunited on February 21, 2009 with a family activity, their partner and progenitor, Steven Quirindongo, the golfer on various occasions, as part of a pattern of violence. The men of her, to enter the race, enfrantan to the aggressor and generate the game that the occasion of the death of the man of Ashley, Nelson Torres Feliciano.