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Consulates of the Embassy of EE. UU. of Colombia responds to questions from EL TIEMPO.COM

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Presented my EE tourist visa application. UU. and paid the tariff to the finals of February 2020. Debt of the impact of the pandemic of covid-19 in the consular services of the Embassy of EE. UU. here in Bogotá, I quote for the interview was canceled. Are you going to resubmit your visa applications to an immigrant? Do you understand that the payment of the visa fee expires, is it safe? Do you want to get a refill?

Todavía does not know where the local conditions allow la Embajada de EE. UU. reanude visa habitual services de no immigrant. Our priority is the health and safety of you — our solicitors — and our staff, who are joining us the challenges of the covid-19 pandemic.

In general, the Immigrant Visa Application Rate (MRV) is valid for programming a quote during one year from the payday.

Sondeverbod, given the impacts of covid-19 in the consular services, the Department of State has extended its period until December 31, 2021. In this case, for example, if a fee is paid in February 2020, it can be used to program a quote by December 2021, so it is necessary to have more than 22 months from the payday.

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The visa application rate for non-immigrants covers our application process costs. By the way, we do not reimburse, including if the visa application is processed. The tariff rate can be returned or transferred to another solicitor.

The rate can be used to complete only one application. If your visa application is processed and you decide to apply for a new visa, you will need to apply for a new visa and pay another rate.

Asimismo, the rate is payable to apply for a visa in a specific country — for example, Colombia — and can not be used to program a city in a different country. Ingrese hereto obtain more information about the application rates for non-immigrant visas, in addition to the previous terms and conditions of payment.

Embajada de Estados Unidos en Bogotá

Sede de la embbajada de Estados Unidos en Bogotá

If your quote is canceled,can reprogram the work of our visa and citation information page. However, it is important to note that we will not be renovating our home services until the city can cancel again.

Mientras tanto, debido a la pandemia actual del covid-19, lAn Embassy of EE. UU. jw.org en Bogotá is planning citations for non-immigrant visas only for emergencies and other urgent travel issues. Circumstances that can be considered for an emergency quote are:

a. The death of an immediate relative, a serious illness or an accident involving death that took place in the United States.

b. Medical treatment urgent for the applicant or his minor.

c. Student visa applicant (F / M) who connects an I-20 with an initial registration card to the first available visa.

d. Other cases that the Embajada consider as emerging are the EE national interest of EE. UU.

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