Trump made a recording of “el chaos y la miseria” and no autoriza el paquete de ayudas, adviser senador republicano | News Univision Politica

Republican Senator Pat Toomey’s warning is that if the mandate of Donald Trump is to respond, he will authorize a $ 900,000 million parcel to mitigate the economic devastation caused by the coronavirus. se arriesga a ser recordado “por el chaos y la miseria”.

“The time is running out. I understand that the president wants to send more large checks, but he believes that lo te tiene que hacer es firmar este proyecto y luego abogar por otro. The Congress can approve another “, said the Pennsylvania Senator on television Fox News.

Trump announced last week’s proposals and extras to re-authorize the package, adding that direct payments to contributors, a key component, were raised to $ 2,000 from the $ 600 proposed by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. with the legislators.

“We have a project that our administration helps to negotiate, and we have to resolve (…) The crime is that it is recorded through chaos and misery and erratic behavior if it has to expire “, Aggregate Toomey, refuses to acknowledge that Trump did not authorize legislation before the Congressional culmination of its third annual legislative session.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan agreed with Toomey on the need for Trump to approve the bill he approved by Congress. But he admitted to ABC television that “he had no intention of saying what he wanted” Trump.

The negative effects that the shareholders will not approve the package of economic estimates

The mandate did not veto the package of estimates, but it also called on Republican senators to reconsider the election of President-elect Joe Biden in support of his founding allegations of “electoral fraud”.

Trump sues the domingo with the authorization of the $ 2.4 billion legislative authority (trillions in English) – presupposed for the functioning of the government agencies and the coronavirus estimate – to make sure the federal government is committed to the median of the next March.

In addition, the last benefits for example that quedaban in this agotaron this Saturday and the 31st of December will be a moratorium on sales that have helped millions of people hitched to their homes.

Senator Democrat Bernie Sanders called Trump’s action “cruel” and summoned him as the state attorney general. “Many millions of people are waiting for their subsidy extended by example. Seran will be selling his apartments. There will be money in his project”, Sanders told ABC television.

The majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives plan to vote this month on the direct payment of $ 600 to $ 2,000, as Trump said. But the idea was probably overruled in the Senate controlled by Republicans.

The Associated Press reported that Democrats have also proposed a provisional prescription designation for the federal governing body to appeal to Biden, who is expected to retire on January 20.

“It’s a step”

And Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger accused Trump of being a member of his bank for denouncing a Biden’s electoral fraud in favor of Biden’s economic prosperity.

“All that are needed are some members of Congress, the President, etcetera, and read the opinion on Twitter, get retouts, followers, get back to the staff with the staff. It’s a staff,” Kinzinger told CNN.

The mandate received the week passed to a group of Republican representatives that plan to appeal the election results of its six states during the bicameral session that the Congress will celebrate the next 6th of January.

Trump raised more than $ 200 million at the beginning of November 3rd, alleging electoral fraud without presenting the most obvious evidence.