Trump is making a recording of the “chaos and misery” en deja morir el packet de ayudas y el nuevo presupuesto: senador | News Univision Elections in EUEU 2020

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger accuses President Donald Trump of being a member of his bank to denounce Joe Biden’s electoral fraud in favor of economic prosperity.

“All that are needed are some members of Congress, the President, etcetera, and read the opinion on Twitter, get retouts, followers, get back to the staff with the staff. It’s a staff,” Kinzinger told CNN.

The legislator signaled that there is no constitutional mechanism to reverse the result of an election once the states have certified their respective presidential votes.

“It’s a staff and will deceive the people who believe that this election is fraudulent,” Kinzinger said. “Puedes ver a las personas apelando a la violencia y eso me preocupa”, aggregate.

Trump raised more than $ 200 million at the beginning of November 3rd, alleging electoral fraud without presenting the most obvious evidence.

The mandate received the week passed to a group of Republican representatives that plan to appeal the election results of its six states during the bicameral session that the Congress will celebrate the next 6th of January.

If at least one senator supports the appeal, he will try to hold the bicameral session to open a discussion and submit the appeal and vote.

The Republican Leader in Senate, Mitch McConnell, has a stake in the integration of the su bancada and an abstinence de sumarse a la apelación the 6th of January and no Republican senator has announced that he has done so.

Reel contrasts with Republican lawmakers

Trump says the Republican leadership in the Senate has abandoned its support for the infamous electoral fraud allegations and called for Biden Democrat as president-elect.

It is rumored that Rehusara will sign the key clause last week for $ 2.4 billion (trillions and English) – including an estimated $ 900,000 million package – which has been negotiated by its Treasurer, Steven Mnuchin, and approved by an amplia burgemeester, the state officer has been tweeting during the last hours of his indictment against Republican senators.

“It’s the moment that Republican senators are pronouncing and pleading for the presidency, as are Democrats and their hubies. It’s a test. Irrefutable. ), people who vote for the times, they will vote, “wrote on Twitter the past Saturday while enjoying the December holidays in Mar-a-Lago. The tuit was marketed by the social red.

Biden received 306 electoral votes and was favorably imposed on Trump in the electoral college and in the popular vote.