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The bus alliance will drive the Betterfly platform through a better quality of life for its users. All, while transforming into good habits in donations for different causes.

Through the purchase of the new Galaxy Watch3 smart watches, users can access the Betterfly application for free and enjoy their benefits to maintain a healthy life.

Samsung Electronics Chile is supporting the Chileans by stepping up to a greater quality of life, from its technological devices.¿Como? Thank you to your recent alliance with Betterfly, the platform that is designed to increase the well-being of people, compensating for their healthy and transformative habits in social impact and financial protection. Ambas companies integrate their technology, uniting the best of the recently launched App Betterfly and the Samsung Health app, the platform presents and the mobile devices and wearables from Samsung.

In addition to technology integration, which facilitates the use of the app for all Samsung users, this alliance is also strategic thinking in the final users and in Betterfly for companies.

Among the benefits of benefiting from the Betterfly deal: a life insurance that covers increased costs, telemedicine 24/7, nutritional and psychological consultations, fitness apps, meditation and personal finance, among others. As well as making donations to organizations that combat malnutrition, plant diseases and drinking water.

Betterfly for final users

Who are fanatics of the Galaxy universe and buy an intelligent watch Galaxy Watch3, you can download the completely free way to start and start enjoying exclusive benefits. This benefit for final users only is available on Samsung channels through[1] the code he receives with his purchase of watches.

With these 100% digital benefits, the sanitary contingency context, the people can increase their wealth and financial protection while generating impact on their communities.

Betterfly and Samsung: Alliance for Impulse and Business to Get Better

This alliance of Samsung Electronics Chile and Betterfly also has extensive collaborators for all types of companies and organizations, giving the opportunity to compete with benefits that only solo users are able to achieve, and that their collaborators can provide only in terms of modality. Los beneficios son 100% digital, instant portable. There are no prerequisites, pre-existing or medical exams to access life insurance.

To subscribe to the services of this platform, companies can choose between three levels, with the possibility of robustness with additional benefits according to the needs of their company. One of these plans includes a smart Galaxy Fit2 watch to record Samsung Samsung’s work activities, the Samsung Live Quality app that is fully integrated with Betterfly.

The subscription includes benefits for the physical, mental and financial benefits of its users Between them:

  • Social donations for your good habits: The salutary activities of the subscribers to make ownership, meditate, train, listen etc., are transformed into donations. You can choose to donate money to foundations in Haiti, Venezuela or Chile, plant orchards and build potable water in communes without access.
  • Dynamic life insurance: your coverage increases without cost. Includes a life cover and invalidates accidentally that creates with your salutary habits, gaining extra pounds every day. If 10,000 steps are taken every day for one year, it is possible to increase the coverage by more than 3 million people annually.

Additionally, these services are included free of charge:

  • Meditation app and awareness Pura Mente, with guided meditation sessions for principals and experimenters.
  • Fitness app Instafit, with over 700 classes and personalized routines, for women who want to own it.
  • Virtual consultations for general medicine, psychology and nutrition with Teledoc
  • Customization strategies for cutting and inversion on the digital platform Focus
  • Education about living: access to The Great Know, a platform leader in learning which content is branded by experts.

With this proposal, Betterfly provides companies with a platform to motivate, protect and compensate their collaborators for their well-being, while building a sound culture based on commitment and teamwork, with commitment initiatives. Also access to reports and metrics in real time about the benefit of its collaborators.

Some of the companies that work with Betterfly are Samsung, Willis Tower Watson, WOM, P&G, Yáneken, Pernod Ricard, BHP, CNN Chile, Beetrack, among others

[1] Disponible hasta agotar stock.