Tom Cruise ordered the construction of an antiquated studio in an ancient military base secret to complete the filming of “Mission Impossible”

Tom Cruise at the helm of
Tom Cruise on the road to “Mission Impossible 7” in Roma (Reuters)

Tom cruise order to build a anturio seurio study to complete the “Mission Impossible 7” mission. The actor and producer, 58 years old, has a secret romance with his British co-protagonist Hayley Atwell, is in the millions to adapt a military base in London in a filming set to end the movie.

People involved in the production of the film revealed to the British tabloid The sun row The Hollywood mega-star is set to end soon with its most costly outbreaks of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to media reports, the road was transferred to the Antigua Longcross ultrasound tank design base in Surrey from Leavesden and Herts, where Cruise sent members of his team to complete the social distance.

An audio film released by Tom Cruise and the gritos contra sus empleados: “We are creating miles of work waste, we are good ones. ¿Se entiende? If it’s new, it’s iodine and despatch“, Listen to the actor in the middle of his enojo. Five members of staff will be fired during the actor’s attack.

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Cruise, which is also the producer of the movie, has been very hard because of all its efforts to continue filming during the pandemic podium to be in danger. ‘Geen vamos a cancelar esta maldita película nie. ¿Se entiende?”, Dice el actor a los gritos en un extracte del audio que fue entregado al diario The sun for an employee of the production.

In another moment of the grab, the actor’s dice: “My preoccupo por ustedes, pero si no me van a ayudar, están fuera. Do you agree? ¿Ves esa vara? How many meters are there?”, In reference to the antiquated media that are often established in locations to avoid contagion in the elenco and in the production team.

The “Top Gun” protagonist is responsible for designing the security protocols to be able to fly after the parion that Vivieron during this year and which is obliged to apply the star of the seventh entry of the episode of his exit franchise.

“Have diary rounds to make sure everything works correctly, that the person behaves and works in the most secure manner possible. It’s very proactive when it comes to security“, Declares an informant a The sun.

Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell in full swing of
Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell in plenary round of “Mission Impossible 7” in Roma (Reuters)

The actor has personally taken care to make sure that he does not have more retrasos. He was photographed with a mask on the set and is constantly aware that he is compiling the protocols in the set. Inclusive pagó de su bolsillo USD 500.000 por un crucero para el elco y el Teamo estén protegidos during filming slides in Norway.

Vaar u enfrentó dos parates en la production in Italia por positos de coronavirus. Obtained permission to renew the road in the United Kingdom in July after a personal petition to the Secretary of Culture, Oliver Dowden.

In the last few days, the rumors that the actor with Hayley, of 38 years, have been rumored.

One of the highlights of the day is: “Tom and Hayley have been well since the first day. The only one, and all the difficulties that accompany it, are the most important ones. If he had been present after the work and she was at his London home. Ambos parecen muy felices ”.


Tom Cruise’s Fury on the Road to “Impossible Mission”:

Watch the completion of the sound of the Tom Cruise, and check the equipment and set the “Mission impossible”