The weather for Titans-Packers Sunday night can go crazy with snow already falling on Lambeau Field

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Sixteen weeks into the season, we have not seen a big snow game in the NFL this year, but it looks like that will change on Sunday night when the Packers host the Titans. Snow has already started falling in Green Bay and is not expected to come to a halt any time soon.

According to the latest forecast from, it will probably snow until the kick-off and then snow most of the game, with the white stuff expected to fall until 22:00 ET. By the time everything is ready, Lambeau Field is expected to be covered with three to four inches of snow.

Here’s what it looked like outside the stadium just after 2:15 p.m. ET.

If you want to know what the stadium looks like now, the Packers have shared a video showing how the snow is getting in Lambeau.

Again, the snow is expected to continue to fall until 21:00 CT / 22:00 ET

One of the biggest home field advantages in the NFL is the frozen tundra from Lambeau Field and that frozen tundra will be fully exhibited in this game. So far, the weather does not seem to be bothering the Ben Jones of Tennessee walking through the snow in BARE FEET.

The playing time temperature is expected to be around 29 degrees and then the forecast is asked that it will drop slowly over the next three hours. Due to the weather, the wind is not expected to be too terrible, and gusts will blow between 11 and 15 km / h.

The benefit of all this news for Green Bay is that Aaron Rodgers is almost unbeatable on the frozen tundra. Since the start of the 2009 season, Rodgers has been tied 20-2 in December games played at Lambeau Field and 17-5 against the spread.

As for the Titans, the bad weather can also be a good thing for them, and that’s because they have the human snowplow, known as Derrick Henry. Not only is Henry the NFL’s leading rusher, but he averages 5.2 yards per carry during the season, and on Sunday night he will take on a Packers defense that has surrendered 4.5 yards per carry this year.