The fact-checking of Trump’s tweets about election errors in Michigan

Shortly after Biden exceeded the voting threshold needed to secure his victory, Trump took to Twitter to all a recently released report by the Allied Security Operations Group, an organization involved in the Trump campaign on the battlefield. According to Trump, the report claims that the analysis of the election results in Antrim County, Michigan, shows ‘massive fraud’ at a level that could change the outcome of the election. The report received a backlash from government officials.
Trump, excluding retweets, apparently referred to the report in five of his nine tweets on Tuesday, all of which marked Twitter as controversial allegations about the election. He recognized the report and tweeted that voting machines of the election technology company Dominion Voting Systems’changed the results‘of a major election and especially Michigan’s voting machines have a “68% error rate.”
The author of the report has a history of spreading misinformation about the election in Michigan. In an affidavit for a separate court case, he misjudged the cities of Minnesota with those in Michigan, and he provided inaccurate total voter turnout, which contributed to the false theory of “more votes than people” of fraud previously perpetrated by the president and his allies. .

Here are some facts about the main allegations of the report that the president continued.

Voting systems

Although some isolated issues with Dominion technology were reported on election day and election night, there have been no credible reports that problems with the company’s machines have affected the number of votes.
Members of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (Department of Homeland Security), which oversees U.S. election security, said: ‘There is no evidence that any voting system has been deleted or lost, changed or in any way endangered. has not been set. ‘
In mid-November, Michigan State Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced that the Bureau of Elections was conducting a nationwide audit to determine the accuracy of Michigan’s voting machines. In addition to the nationwide risk mitigation audit and various local procedures, the audit of all ballot papers in Antrim County will be conducted specifically on Thursday, December 17th. According to a statement from Michigan’s Attorney General and Secretary of State, this audit “is expected to confirm that votes cast for president have been correctly tabulated with the machine.”

Antrim County

One of the report’s conclusions is about an incident in Republican Antrim province, where the unofficial election results present Biden, while Trump actually won the province. The error was quickly corrected and did not affect the official results of the state. Government officials and local officials claim that the initial results were inaccurate due to human error. However, the report does not agree with this and claims that ‘the voice flip occurred due to machine errors built into the voice software to create errors.’

While the report indicates what happened in Antrim County indicates widespread fraud across the state, Michigan State Secretary of State refuted the theory.

“This was an isolated error. There is no evidence that this user error occurred elsewhere in the state, and if it did, it would be caught during counties, led by dual councils of diggers,” the minister said. foreign affairs said a statement in early November.
The result of the general election has since been certified by these dual councils for digging screens in all 83 counties of Michigan, 66 of which, including Antrim County, use Dominion voting machines.

CNN’s Casey Tolan contributed to this article.