Ontario Premier Doug Ford admits he knew about his finance minister’s ‘totally unacceptable’ holiday

Ontario Premier Doug Ford admitted on Wednesday that he has been aware for two weeks now that his finance minister, Rod Phillips, has traveled to the Caribbean for the holidays despite a coronavirus exclusion. While in St. Barts was, Phillips shared a video message of Christmas Eve of himself by a roaring fire with a gingerbread house by his side. In the video, it appears that Phillips was in a place that was definitely not the Caribbean Islands, and some suggested that he strategically place the photo to throw the audience off his track and hide where he really was.

Ford on Tuesday ordered Phillips to return home immediately. But he has since admitted that he knew about Phillips’ travels two weeks ago, long before the story of his trip became known on Tuesday. Ford, which owns the St. Called Barts’ trip ‘completely unacceptable’, he said he would have a “tough conversation” with Phillips on his return, although Phillips would have to be quarantined for 14 days. “I’m very sorry about the holiday,” Ford said in a statement. “It was a mistake and I apologize.” Some of Phillips’ colleagues demanded that the legislature be fired over the incident.

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