New York Post editors call on President Trump to ‘start thinking’ about Georgia’s runoff instead of overthrowing the election

The editors of the New York Post have appealed President TrumpDonald TrumpPos office named after senior Pearl Harbor veteran federal agents seeking residence in Antioch in connection with Sunday’s explosion in Nashville, preview shows: COVID-19 relief awaits Trump’s signature; government continues to expand vaccine to ‘start thinking’ about the run-off matches in Georgia and ‘stop thinking’ to overturn the election results.

The Post has his editorial’s piece, which the president called for an end to this dark character of ‘cheering for an undemocratic coup’ to change the election results in 2020, on the front page of his Monday paper.

The newspaper’s editors describe the Senate by – elections in Georgia as ‘a very important moment for the next four years of our country’, as the races will determine which party controls the US Senate.

The editorial staff addressed Trump and wrote: “Unfortunately, you are upset the next day, January 6, when Congress will vote on the College of Elections in a pro forma action.”

The Post noted that the president “had the full right to investigate the election”, but added “let us be clear: those efforts found nothing.”

“We understand, Mr. President, that you are angry because you have lost. But to go further is destructive, ‘the editors wrote. “We present it as a newspaper that you endorsed and supported: if you want to strengthen your influence, even set the stage for a future return, you need to channel your anger into something more productive.”

“Stop thinking about January 6. Start thinking about January 5,” it added.

The editorial board urged Trump to spend his resources in the Senate race to maintain his performance and prevent the Democrats from holding the presidency, the House and the Senate.

“Securing the Senate means securing your legacy,” the editors wrote. ‘You must use your considerable charm and influence to support the Georgia candidates and mobilize your voters for it. Concentrate on their success, not on your own grievances as we enter the last week. ”

“If you insist on spending your last days in the office and threaten to burn it all down, you will be remembered,” he concluded. “Not as a revolutionary, but as the anarchist who holds the game.”

Elected President Joe BidenJoe Biden, brother of Biden adviser Ricchetti, who was hired as a lobbyist at Amazon Sunday, shows preview: COVID-19 relief awaits Trump’s signature; government continues to roll out vaccines Global COVID-19 cases surpass 80 million MORE was recognized as the winner of the 2020 election for almost two months, but Trump refused to concede. The Electoral College certified Biden’s victory earlier this month, and Congress’s certification of the vote is the final step before the inauguration day.

The president has instead made allegations that widespread voter fraud led to Biden’s victory without providing evidence. His campaign has filed several lawsuits to challenge the vote in the field that was not successful.

The editorial article comes hours after the president tweeted: “See you in Washington, DC, on January 6. Don’t miss it. Information to follow!”

Sens. Kelly LoefflerKelly LoefflerBiden at work with Senate Republicans: ‘I will never embarrass them in public’ GOP seeks to avoid a sloppy Trump battle over Ossoff election college, Warnock catches up with 0 million more (R-Ga.) En David PerdueDavid PerdueBiden at work with the Republicans of the Senate: ‘I will never embarrass them in public. (R-Ga.) Want to retain their senate seats against the Democratic rivals Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. The races started after no candidate won a majority of votes in any of the races in November.

If one of the Republicans wins, the IDP will retain control of the Senate. But if both Democrats win, the Senate will be split 50-50 with the elected vice president Kamala HarrisKamala Harris2020’s historic first and what to see in the new year Democrats clash in special House elections Pray, Harris releases Christmas greetings, calls for continued precautions for COVID-19 MORE becoming the equalizing voice.