I last received two $ 1,200 stimulus payments. Will I receive two $ 600 checks this time? Will there even be another stimulus?

Dear Moneyist,

To my surprise, I received two stimulus checks during the first round of economic impact payments. One was deposited in my bank, and the other one was an actual physical check. Will I also receive two stimulus payments this time? I have friends who did not receive a check, and they were furious (understandably) that I received more than one.

Waiting for round two

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Dear guard,

You do not mean round three and four? You would receive it if you received two $ 600 checks in a second round of stimulus payments. President Trump on Sunday signed the $ 900 billion pandemic relief package into law, averting a government-wide shutdown. However, I will not spend the second check yet.

The Internal Revenue Service, after a year of employees working overtime and working tirelessly to deliver economic impact payments to millions of Americans, is likely to discover their mistake and adjust the payment in your 2020 tax return. Such windfall rarely comes without a price. Such errors are usually corrected manually or by computer. You have been warned.

Some people are upset because they did not receive a large enough check or no economic impact payment at all, other taxpayers say they received stimulus checks for dead relatives. In the past year, it has not unfolded straight. One man told me that he was “punished” by the government for being responsible for filing his 2019 tax early – and receiving $ 200.

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You can return the money by check or money order with the notation ‘2020EIP’, plus the social security number or the taxpayer ID of the check recipient. Those who received a paper check and did not leave it can write ‘void’ on the back of the check’s approval department and return it to the IRS, according to the IRS instructions (see Q41), with an explanation.

People who have not received a check this year or only a small amount and believe that their income will fall below the required threshold for checks next year may still receive a stimulus payment next year. The EIP is technically a prepayment of a tax credit on your 2020 return. The IRS uses 2019 tax returns to measure people’s income; 2018 tax returns are used as a Plan B.

The IRS has issued 150 million stimulus checks, amounting to approximately $ 290 billion in checks.

The IRS has issued 150 million stimulus checks, amounting to approximately $ 290 billion in checks. The second round of stimulus payments was in the air last week because President Trump refused to sign it into law, arguing that $ 600 was not enough for people.

Millions of people are desperate for at least one check. Searches for ‘stimulus check’ made the top 10 news topics on Google GOOGL,
+ 0.34%

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as millions of Americans lost their jobs. A second round of financial checks for taxpayers was one of the few things Republican and Democratic lawmakers agreed on. The amount was a dispute.

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Ahead of the November presidential election, House Democrats returned their version of the new $ 3.4 billion to $ 2.2 billion stimulus bill, and Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin was receptive to a total $ 1.8 billion stimulus package. As the U.S. achieves the COVID-19 record score daily, more steps may be needed for public health,

The news of a new stimulus could not have come a moment too soon. As a result of the increased unemployment benefits and stimulus checks, which were both important parts of the CARES law in March, Americans’ median check account balances rose 65% year-on-year in April, according to a JPMorgan Chase Institute JPM,
report published last week.

Nearly a third of the people who received a stimulus check last summer used it to pay bills and, in a Twitter poll
of 889,000 people, more than 60% said a $ 600 payment would not be enough. Return the second check, especially if you can afford it. You got another opportunity to pull together during the pandemic, besides removing socially and wearing masks.

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