Hotels in the center of isla registran temperatures in the lowlands 60 degrees Fahrenheit

The holiday season continues in Puerto Rico, since then National Meteorological Service (SNM) recorded this madrugada temperatures in the low 60 degrees Fahrenheit in some municipalities of the center of the island.

For example, by Jayuya the temperature is measured at 61 degrees Fahrenheit, while in Cayey it is 62 degrees.

According to meteorologist Emanuel Rodríguez, the low temperatures continue for the rest of the week around normal during the morning when the cloudiness and the constant wind of the north wind blow.

It was quite free. We would like to see some employers in the conditions of the time, mainly because we have a car that is associated with a free holiday and this system, while advancing the days, must increase the activity of law and conditional conditions aguaceros in the region”, Establishment of the expert in El Nuevo Día.

However, it is clear that in order to be able to use some aguacers based on municipalities in the east and north of the island during the summer, while during the day it is possible to register some aguasers in sectors in the interior and west by combining local effects , the calorie and the humidity.

“In some sectors, the lulvia can be moderated by continuing modest luminaire accumulations that can make accumulations in the blocks”, indicó.

In the meantime, Rodríguez points out that for the sake of the moon, the moon, and the martyrs’ day, it will be better to define the region, by which it hopes that the activity of lust will fall.

“We need to see more significant activity. If we are involved in generalized activity or accumulations of important lluvia, then we are going to be an increase in lluvia activity in the region, for the lesser, for Mondays and Tuesdays. The mercoles are a series of transition days, although all of them have enough moisture to generate water ”, aseguró.

The meteorologist indicates that he acknowledges that the new year will be dominated by a high pressure with more air. Rodríguez believes that although it is important that more conditions, the conditions are expected and the maritime conditions, on the other hand, deteriorate.

De hecho, el mar hoy est picado en las aguas del norte con un oleaje entre los 4 a 6 pies, because the SNM pissed to the small-scale cargo operators who provided precaution.

Asimismo, there is a moderate range of marine currents for the northern part of Puerto Rico that between this night and summer will be converted into one alto.