Fiscal does not prosecute Gabriela Pazmiño and Michel Bucaram in case of organized crime | Security | Notice

Updated at 23:50

The lawyer of Gabriela Pazmiño and Michel Bucaram Pulley, Francisco Onofa, informs die beste miércoles 30 that the Fiscalía General del Estado has decided to abstain from accusing his clients of Stefano Adum Casanova in the case of delinquency organized for the sale of medicines in hospital , which was investigated in Guayaquil as part of the pandemic.

This is the case with the men of Dalo and Jacobo Bucaram Pulley and the men of Daniel and Noé Salcedo Bonilla. In addition, there are some public officials involved and the company Karina Cadena, who at the time had obtained medical supplies and salaries from the Penitentiary.

The last to be involved in this case was Paul Granda, former director of the Ecuadorian Institute for Social Security (IESS), who was arrested at home.

Fiscal Claudia Romero, who is investigating some cases of corruption, has issued the abstention ruling this week against the three people who led the country.

Michel Bucaram Pulley and Gabriela Pazmiño have been running since March. Travel with Dalo and his children before the quarantine.

It is currently hoped that the Fiscalía will be ready for the hearing and that the juicing stage will take place.

This night the Taxation is pronounced on the abduction of Romero.

“It is necessary to state that there is a special charge, the incision 5 of Article 600 of the Integral Organic Penal Code (COIP) to prevent the consultation of the superior fiscal, in this case of the Provincial Tax of Guayas (doctor Yanina Villagómez) for that “Revoke the dictatorship”, the Fiscalia signaled in a statement. (I)