Fernando Beltrán reveals plastic for GGG vs. Jaime Munguía

The promoter revealed to ESPN that he would start negotiations for a possible fight between the tijuanense and Gennadiy Golovkin

The Mexican promoter Fernando Beltrán, representing the company Zanfer, revealed to ESPN comenzaron ya las platicas para una posible pelea entre el tijuanense Jaime Munguía y el kazajo Gennadiy Golovkin, lo cual, en caso de concretarse, acortaría los posibles rival de mexicano Canelo Álvarez en mayo a dos: Billy Joe Saunders y Caleb Plant.

Zanfer de Fernando Beltrán closed the year with five world champions, between them Miguel ‘Alacrán’ Berchelt, Juan Francisco ‘Gallo’, Luis ‘Pantera’ Nery, Emanuel ‘Vaquero’ Navarrete and Elwin ‘Pulga’ Soto, and there are some fechas tentative for them, of which habló also in the charla.

We are good, believe that we have many possibilities to have this skin, open mouths are pleasing“, Beltrán says about the possibility of seeing Jaime Munguía ahead of the Boxing Medio Medal Champion, Gennadiy Golovkin, for the month of Mayo, upholding the idea of ​​Golden Boy Promotions to fight for the battle.

To concretize the battle, to form the platform DAZN be moving your cards, yes to win GGG refuses the idea of ​​the match with Canelo Álvarez, and to win. With this in mind, it is very viable that Canelo lives with BIlly Joe Saunders in Mayo and no ante GGG.

On the other hand, I am confident that the performances of Miguel ‘Alacrán’ Berchelt and Juan Franicsco ‘Gallo’ will be performed for the first quarter of this year. Berchelt iría the 20th of February ante Óscar Valdez and Estrada announced the 13th of March against Román ‘Chocolatito’ González.

Beltrán’s confession also shows the possibility that Luis ‘Pantera’ Nery has a unique face in Supergallo against Brandon Figueroa, and reveals the possibility that Elwin ‘Pulga’ Soto will be presenting his championship in Japanese territory, while he says of what can surgir for ‘Vaquero’ Navarrete in the first quarter of 2021.