¿Dieta, do you sleep or exercise? The most important factor for your mental health

Do you sleep the necessary hours? Do you need adequate nutrition? ¿Realize ownership regularly? The time of mental health hablar, all these factors are fundamental factors, but are they any different from the other? ¿Your real son tan fundamentales?

The world in which we live, the routine, the speed and the stress that we find sometidos y, by supuesto, el hecho de que aun se considere taboo hablar de la mental salde de luego no repercute positively in nuestro organismo. Especially now, with the pandemic, with which he incurs many physical problems, such as cabbage dollars, malestar to have a relationship with stress or the problems of sleep.

And this last is the key. We will only listen to what is important for them as well as sleeping hours, but more than the amount that is actually imported is the quality, more than the ownership of the food, including a new one juvenile adult youth study of the University of Otago in New Zealand, ‘Science Warning’ information.

The sueño, the physical activity and a healthy diet can be considered as three pillars of the sale

Although it has been conducted with previous studies that analyze what affects our mental health the most, focus on a unique factor, this study considers three factors of life style: sleep, diet and exercise, in an analysis to understand how the mayor has an impact on mental health between the young adults.

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The only food they can eat is just right for them.


“Sueño, physical activity and a healthy diet can be considered as three pillars of health, which can help to promote optimal well-being among young adults”, explains the main author Shay-Ruby Wickham, Faculty of Medicine, Otago. “If an extensive investigation has demonstrated the benefits for mental health and well-being of health, physical activity and diet as individual predictors, the examination that examines the three behaviors … is limited,” he argued. “Contain the importance of each of these life style behaviors, individually or in combination, and the hierarchical order of importance can be given to the key to mental health as well as the level of education as an individual”, added.

The studio has more than 1,100 adult girls from 18 to 25 years old to compare these three major health factors. The people who complete the online survey between 2018 and 2019 will be asked about their state of mind and well-being, diet, self-esteem and summer habits. También informaron cuanto de bien se sentían normale despu de de spertarse cada mañana, (indicator of a good quality).

Comer portions of fruit and vegetables all the days also are related to a better life, so as to sleep up to 10 hours per night

If adult adults choose to maintain a good mental and physical health, it is not easy for them, who usually experiment with large changes in their daily routines, work patterns, work demands, life style, and life situations at a critical moment in time. The participants of the studio, who vivian in United States and New Zealand, eran a group of fairly heterogeneous: some consume a vegetarian diet or vegan and others are already taking antidepressants to treat existing health problems.

The quality of the sueño is due to the fact that all the days as an important factor, although there are moderate portions of fruits and vegetables all the days also have a relationship with a greater well-being, so as to sleep up to 10 hours per night. Investigators suggest that the youths need to prioritize the quality of good quality, too. enfatizan the importance of getting well and making ownership with frequency, is that “physical activity and diet are secondary factors but also significant”.