Daniel Ortega approves a package of laws that annul the democratic liberties in Nicaragua

Managua, Nicaragua.  March 27, 2020. REUTERS / Oswaldo Rivas
Managua, Nicaragua. March 27, 2020. REUTERS / Oswaldo Rivas

The President of Nicaragua, the ex-guerrilla Daniel Ortega, in the power of this year 2007, is arguing “all the legal entity of a dictatorship” with the approval of a package of laws “that penalizes the democratic liberties”, according to an analysis revealed Saturday by the sandinista resident Edmundo Jarquín.

The politician, who has been a candidate for the presidency and vice-presidency of Nicaragua, observed that, in the wake of the socio-political crisis that plagued the country since April 2018, sin asomo de justicia, (y con) decenas de miles de exiliados ”.

In more than 32 months, there have been demonstrations against social security reforms that are taking place in protest against the Govierno de Ortega. humanos ”, mentioned.

“In addition, recent reports have penalized the democratic liberties and arman todo the legal entity of a dictatorship, but also the universal right of Ortega’s power over all the powers of the State”, continued.

Jarquín refers to a new law that will invalidate the candidacies and popular election charges to those who demand, exalt and applaud the imposition of sanctions against the State and its citizens, which would also be considered “traidores a la patria”.

También a the law of foreign agents, that prohíbe postularse a cargos de elección popular a los nicaragüenses que reciben financiación extranjera; the special ciberdelitos ley, which penalizes an amplitude range of online communications; and a constitutional amendment authorizing the term permitted by “audio deeds” defined in general terms.

Edmundo Jarquín, in the Infobae studios
Edmundo Jarquín, in the Infobae studios


Según Jarquín, who was appointed as ambassador to Spain and Mexico during the first Gobierno Sandinista (1979-1990), his actions of the Executive “the verdict of international sanctions” against Ortega and his allegations.

In this sense, it is clear that a day has passed since the Sandinista Parliamentary Parliament approved the candidacy of the candidates, the Monday passed, the High Representative for the External Politics of the European Union (EU), Josep Borrell. a step more in the intimidation of the people ”and alley the peace of the state of derecho.

También que hizo “a recent account of all their legal lesions to the democratic rights of the Nicaraguans”, aggregated.

“And the new administration of the United States will certainly have the same opinion, all in all cases of bipartisan consensus that exists in the Congress of these countries against Ortega”, added.

The Sandinistas state that it is founded on Article 1 of the Constitution, which refers to “independence, sovereignty and national self-determination and the irresponsible rights of the people and the foundations of the nation of Nicaragua”.

Opposition groups called for the end of the 75-year-old Sandinista bloc, led by 75-year-old Ortega, who would then run 14 years in a row as president of Nicaragua. country from 1985 to 1990.

Nicaragua is expected to hold general elections on November 7, 2021.

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