Cuban Camila Arteche gana awards Best Actress Latin at International Festival

| 12/27/2020 – 6:53 PM (GMT-4)

The popular Cuban actress Camila Arteche fue galardonada como Major Actriz Latina in Los MLC Awards que otorga el festival estadounidense homónimo.

The award thanks to his action on the cortometry Sucedió in el cielo, by the Cuban director Oldren Romero, who also shares the participation of Cuban actor Enrique Molina.

Off Sucedió in el cielo, Camila Arteche interprets an embarrassed woman, a mother of 10 years called Angel. His character has to suffer with a hijack even when he is ill at school, his abuzzo is placed in a room, the work lasts for his life and his advanced state of embarrassment.

“Thank you #MLCAwards for the award to Best Latin Actress. Thank you @oldrencillo for giving me the opportunity to always be in my comfort zone and convert and these people are full of demons and angels and stories and voz. This award is all”, write the young cubana in his social speeches.

Sucedió in el cielo also offers meetings in other categories, among them Major Latin Director for Oldren Romero.

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