Condensed up to 12.5 years by the Russian historian who descended on his novel


The Russian historian Oleg Sokolov, who died in November 2019, was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison in a high-security court over a judicial mediation process that will last for another year.

Following the fall of the Oktiábrski tribunal of San Petersburg, the Russian historian pass in the sentence “two years for custody and other 1.6 years for illegal possession of arms”.

Sokolov, Professor of the San Petersburg State University, was found in preventive prison from November of this year, accused of taking care of his sentimental and exalted couple, Anastasia Yéschenko, the 24 years.

The ex-lecturer, known for his historical recreations of the Napoleonic era, prefacious reconciliation and during his final speeches before the tribunal had committed the crime in the state of “enajenación”.

La Fiscalía pedia para el historian 15 years of imprisonment.

The crime that is committed to the Russian society, took place in November 2019, when Sokolov was detained in the Hebrew river Móika with a mochila floating on his bed, in which the interior contained trousers of human body and a pistol.

According to the investigators, historian cayó al agua cuando pretendía deshacerse de los restos del corps su su parja, a la que había assesinado poco antes en la vivienda comun

Sokolov spent three weeks in his novel during a game and read the description, according to the version of the crime confirmed by the Justicia rusa.

In Russia there is not yet a specific law on gender violence, but it is estimated that there are about 14,000 women killed each year in this country in the wake of their partners.EFE