49ers vs. Cardinals set up the audioria of audiencia

The party between San Francisco and Arizona will sign a new brand for online games

The Saturday party between the The San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals set a record with the Mayor of Público for a NFL and Lines broadcast.

The duel was mainly broadcast on Amazon Prime Video and Twitch. It was viewed by as many as 11.2 million people in total and recorded an audience audience per minute of 4.8 million, more than double the previous record.

In 2015, a party between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars and London promoted 2.1 million viewers and streaming through Yahoo!

The NFL on Amazon reports that the total duration of the 82-minute broadcast is 15 months, while the media reports on the NFL online.

The party, which San Francisco won by 20-12, was also broadcast by television channels in that city and in Phoenix, broadcasting 1.1 million additional viewers.