You may need a ‘COVID-19 passport’ to travel in 2021

If you are traveling in 2021, you may need to remember this two passports.

Several companies are developing “passport” programs that can vouch for a person’s vaccination against coronavirus and test their status. The verification can then be used to travel by plane or attend major events such as concerts, CNN reports.

One such passport, developed by the Common Trust Network, is a partnership with airlines such as JetBlue, United, Virgin Atlantic, Swiss Air Lines, Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa, and hundreds of healthcare systems in the US and Aruba.

The CommonPass app is called Users and can upload a COVID-19 test result, or ultimately a proof from a medical professional that they have received both doses of the vaccine.

Instead of disclosing personal information, the app will generate a certificate in the form of a QR code that can be scanned by flight attendants or security personnel. The app also contains a list of the health requirements at the departure and arrival destination of a traveler.

‘You can be tested every time you cross a border. You can not be vaccinated every time you cross a border, ‘said Thomas Crampton, spokesman for the Commons Project.

Smartphone apps may soon be our ticket.
Natee Meepian / CommonPass

These are not the only ones looking to the future to gather in tight spaces. IBM is developing a Digital Health Pass, which enables locals to set health requirements for admission, such as a negative test, vaccination and a temperature check. Results would be stored in a digital wallet.

Some companies are also developing a smart card that can store evidence for those who do not have smartphones.

‘For us it is [about] how that digital credential can be stored, not only via smartphones, but also in other ways for people who do not have access to stable internet and also do not have smartphones, “said Lucy Yang, co-leader of the COVID-19 Credentials Initiative, We’re investigating this, and there are companies that do a lot of promising work.

Although it will communicate effectively, there is no way to know if the passports will be more secure.

“We do not yet know whether people who have been vaccinated can transmit infection or not,” said Dr. Julie Parsonnet, a specialist in infectious diseases at Stanford University, told CNN.

“Until it is clarified, we will not know whether ‘passports’ will be effective.”