“Yo no la conocía”: Rebecca de Alba niega haberle bajado en Luis Miguel en Mariana Yazbek | EL IMPARCIAL

CITY OF MEXICO.-Rebecca de Alba rotated her photo with Luis Miguel and the photographer Mariana Yazbek.

In an interview with Yordi Rosado the model and conductor says that the things are not as they are.

“Yo no la conocía, ni lo conocía a él, en el 85. Yo más bien a Luis Miguel lo conocí, ya de empezarlo a tratar, en el 92, y antes de eso, en algún moment, yo creo que fue en Valle of Bravo coincides with Mariana, because she wanted to take pictures with her, but she has nothing to do with, she ended up with Luis Miguel “, account.


“I do not know any of these, but I still love them. As long as they are very important, moreover than they are, no one has the strongest relations when they are ready to create a love of loyalty. ya largo plazo. Mucha gente ve a los novios com trofeos, y la cosa no es así “.

Rebecca agrees that in love she has done everything, from spirit to fairy that she treats badly, has not been corresponded, that she pushes the corners, and that she disappears the “novices”.

“Soy la novia fugitiva”, afirmó.

Cabe recorder hay muchos gerugte en torno al romance entre ella y “El Sol”.

The periodical Claudia de Icaza related an anecdote following the cual, the conductor Rebecca de Alba and the singer Luis Miguel habrían were coqueteando front to Mariana Yazbek.

“The musical theme of this anecdote is The Debate of the Moon”, indicating De Icaza to Lupita Martínez and Aurora Valle, with which women spoke about “El Sol”.

“Mariana creates the love of a conductor who is very tall and is of Zacatecas”, empezó a relation De Icaza, a lo que Valle añadió “ah Rebecca de Alba, no digas más”.

“One day he was meeting at a restaurant in Acapulco, Mariana was Micky’s parish. Estaban sent the three platicande y, de pronto, Mariana como que empieza a ver cositas raras, gestos entre Rebecca y Luismi y decía ‘¿pues qué est passande? I’m going to warn you about the month ”.

Icaza commented that Yazbek had proposed to his servitude and to pay attention, “if the agrarian agrarian” could “the pie of the zucchini conductor Rebecca de Alba” was “sobando” the pier of Luis Miguel.

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