Ya es Año Nuevo in some lands, including the Pacific

The inhabitants of Kiribati and Samoa, island nations situated in the Pacific on, will make the first ones in the year 2020 to receive the 2021.

These tropical archipelagos, with a combined population of over 300,000 inhabitants, will greet the New Year at 10.00 GMT and enter Asia on January 1st.

The next in 2021 will be the inhabitants of the New Zealand island of Chatham, located 680 kilometers above the main islands of this country.

The rest of the inhabitants of New Zealand and the population of Fiyi and Tonga are still more attractive.

New Zealand, one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, maintains its traditional artificial fuels in the city of Auckland to receive the new year.

Australia, with the reception of Año Nuevo until 13.00 GMT and a large part of the pais, mantiene los famosos fuegos artificiales de Sídney, one of the spectacles that abren traditionally the celebrations of the planet for the well-being of the new year, pero sin la Massive public assistance with tax restrictions on covid-19 brothels.

Depreciation of Japan and South Korea, the countries of the Southeast Asian country are the last minutes of 2020 with restrictions on the pandemic that includes the cancellation of agglomerations and artificial fuels in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Although Burmania, Camboya, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam are receiving their New Year at different times, also celebrating Nochevieja according to the Gregorian calendar, about all in the great cities.