xQc reveals the truth behind the cheat folder on his computer

xQc opened up about the cheats folder stored on his computer, which according to him is not what the name implies, rather far from it.

A directory called cheats has bigger implications for someone like xQcs who are constantly playing competitive games. It is natural for the audience to pick up something like this quickly when it is broadcast in a live stream with thousands of viewers. Given the popularity of its channel, it would have been a disappointing outcome if it were real cheats stored in the folder.

“When you download a game like Pokemon and have a random and you random, there is something called ‘cheats’, and the cheats are like making the game different,” ‘If you do a certain run, you must use a cheats folder. These are called cheats because you cheat the game, you cheat it. Either to make it harder, or easier. ” explain xQc

The statement revived many of his loyal supporters who could not imagine xQc as a fraudster. His reason for this was more than justified. Such names for Pokémon cheats are normal and are nothing illegal. Not just Pokémon, cheats were a common term on the day for GTA games that continue to this day.

Given how strict the Twitch audience is, xQc was not brought down on social media until he came up with this explanation. An entertainer of his format could ruin their careers because cheats are against the Twitch community guidelines, let alone being slandered by their own fans.