WSJ Editors: Trump’s Candidate for $ 2,000 Checks Will Hand Over Democrats to Senate

The Wall Street Journal on Monday published an editorial in which President Trump is effectively accused of sabotaging Republicans ‘chances of winning the Senate of Georgia with his insistence on $ 2,000 stimulus checks, calling it a’ contribution in kind to minority leaders Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden ‘.

Why it matters: This is another sharp criticism of a newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch – co-chairman of Fox Corp and executive chairman of News Corp – which comes one day after the New York Post said Trump was cheering for a undemocratic coup with his efforts to reverse the election he lost.

What they say: “Senate Republicans are opposed to the $ 2,000 for these sound reasons, but Mr. Trump put it in a political place. Democrats immediately joined Mr. Trump’s call for the $ 2,000, and on Monday they the larger amount passed through the House, 275-134. “wrote the WSJ editorial staff.

  • “That leaves Mr McConnell with a loud call to ban a vote while Democrats in TV ads in Georgia break away from the positions of the GOP David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. Or he can hold a vote, which the GOP caucus will divide and upset fiscally conservative voters. “
  • “According to Trump, Trump is angry about his defeat in the election, and he is blowing out someone who will not allow his hopeless campaign to stop it … Trump’s narcissism is not news. But if Republicans have the two Georgia seats and their majority, Republicans across the country need to know Mr. Thank Trump for their 2021 tax increase. ‘

The whole picture: The Journal has not endorsed a presidential candidate since 1928, but the newspaper’s editorial staff – along with other media outlets in Murdoch such as Fox News and the New York Post – have traditionally been favorable to Trump.

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