With new love Gil Marie López | Scenario

Television presenter Gil Marie López posted a photo with her boyfriend, Cristian Diez-Muro, on a trip to Colorado.

“As long as you live with all the good energy that God has with your family as much as you do, it is a great blessing. @cristiandiezmuro ”, the presenter wrote together a picture of his partner.

In the year 2017, Gil Marie joined the reporter Guillermo José Torres and searched for another year, announcing the divorce.

In September of this year, López said to EL VOCERO: “I love life, but everything is very good. Being quiet, focused on how cool and beautiful things are, the job yields a lot of fruit, the family is super healthy as it is important. Mientras haya vida, salud y ganas de echar pa’lante no hay que preocuparse por más na ‘”.