William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez present the new member of the family

| 28/12/2020 – 12:22 pm (GMT-4)

The Cuban actor William Levy y su esposa, la actriz estadounidense de origen mexicano Elizabeth Gutiérrez, celebrate Christmas with the mayor of Alegrías: living with his brothers Christopher Alexander and Kailey Alexandra happy and happy.

Luego del fatídico accident that vivio the primogenetic in October, it was lied to that the volcano enclosing the golf cart that was being driven by a residential area in Weston (Florida) and found that there was an emergency operation of a rodilla, the family had difficult moments during the period of adolescent health.

Now, by the way, the young man has recovered and the allegiance and tranquility he wanted to reincarnate in the hogar of the artists and together with his retorts he started to despair the year before at that unpleasant moment.

De hecho, William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez it is proposed to sacrific more than a sonris to his hijos during Navidad and the dejaron bajo the river varos regalos abrieron with the mayor of the illusions.

Without embarrassment, the less Kailey Alexandra hopes it will be that under its auspices a new member of the family will be found, then the matrimony will leave the shelf with a precise cachorrito that will rob the toad of all.

Pequeña breaks down to lose emotion around the perimeter. The emotional moment was filmed and supported by Elizabeth Gutiérrez to his Instagram account along with a few words in which he expresses much that the llena will show to his hips.

“The best regal that can be received is the sonris of my husbands.” Haria is what leads to happy births, I love my children! PD: She has no idea that she should receive a perrito “, the actress commented.

After getting off the shelf, Kailey Alexandra appeared to be on her Instagram profile of the most outspoken along with the mascot.

The niece quiso agradecer a sus padres por su regala y comentó junto a un tierna foto: “Feliz Navidad a todos. Tengo un perrito. Gracias mami y papi”.

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