Will the Senate approve the increase to $ 2,000?

The leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, blocked this March the petition of the Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer, to approve by unanimous consent the project of them to increase to 2,000 dollars the amount of direct payments included in the second of economic income (now, from 600 dollars).

Pero McConnell dijo que el Senado “will start a process” this week to be considered, in conjunction with President Donald Trump’s three demands: the increase in the economic estimate check, a refusal of electoral security and the elimination of section 230 of the Law of Decency in the Communications, which warns against technology companies.

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Schumer submitted to the market this March to apply for the unanimous approval of the project, a technique to allow it to accelerate legislation ever and when no senator agrees to the application. McConnell object sin ofrecer no other comment.

The Senate Democrats firmly support the $ 2,000 checks. “Including Trump backing $ 2,000 checks,” Schumer said, “why is there a question: Do Senate Republicans have one of the United States’ rests to support $ 2,000 checks?”

The decision to win Trump’s three demands you can obstruct the vote of the project for me to increase the amount of checks, agreed with the New York Times diary.

It is unlikely that the democrats will accept the protection of technology companies, which defines social media such as Facebook and Twitter against demands made by content owners on their platforms.

The decision to increase the aid check is en manos del Senado, of Republican mayor. The help package was signed by Trump, however, to be resisted during one week.

The Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, who competes in the elections of the second world in Georgia that decide who will control the Senate, announcing that they will vote in favor of the project of ley.

“He supported the president 100% of the time,” Loeffler said in an interview with Fox News, “I’m sorry to hear that, and absolutely, we need to burn now and then,” he said.

For its part, Perdue dijo a la cadene de television that approves the check of 2,000 dollars “is to make the correct for the people of Georgia”.

Next month, Trump plans to campaign with Loeffler and Perdue in Georgia to ensure that Republicans support the Senate, representing a contender for presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

Pero hasta ahora, los republicanos han showrado little interest to increase dicho monto. Tan solo the passing jueves, during a briefing session of Nochebuena, legislators of the same party that the president blocked the Trump proposal to elevate the check in the House of Representatives.

Trump-firma – the 900,000-million-dollar alimony package, which also includes the $ 600 check and other aids for specimens, small companies affected by the financial crisis of the pandemic, as well as federal funding for 2021.

What did the Republican senators say?

Mentras that the approval of the increase of the check would vote the lunes by a majority of 275 against 134, led by the Democrats (in which there are 44 Republicans), the decision of the Senate is closed.

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Roy Blunt, Republican Senator from Missouri, President of the Senate Republican Political Committee, told reporters last week that, including the media, he was voting in the Senate, geen alcanzaría el umbral de 60 votes necessary for its approval.

For the Republican Congress Marc Rubio by Florida, indicating that adoyaría los pagos adicionales. Also represented by Carolina del Sur, Lindsey Graham; Missouri Senator Josh Hawley and Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer support Trump’s impulse proposal.

“Compared to the preoccupation of many of my colleagues with regard to the effects of the additional guest space, but we can not ignore the heck of millions of families in the working class who all need emergency aid urgently,” Rubio said in a statement.

The Texas Representative Kevin Brady, the Republican mayor’s rank in the Media and Arbitration Committee, dijo that the Congress has approved many foundations during the COVID-19 crisis. “Nothing in this project will help you get back to work,” he said.

What did the Democrats say?

The Democrats and State pressure These are the days for Republicans to support the impetus for mediocre presidential membership of his party.

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Of no hacerlo, lo estarían defafiando. As hicieron algunos elunes when the Chamber of Representatives approves the cancellation of the President’s veto, Donald Trump, in the project of a defense authorization of defense of 740,000 million dollars, in what democrats like republicans oppose lawillad of the president.

“Submit to the council with the @SenSanders to approve the $ 2,000 surveillance checks for the stadiums. But Senator Mitch McConnell has blocked it. $ 600 is not enough. The Democrats are swearing that the Senate vote ‘n guns,” Schumer said. .

The Democrat senator Bernie Sanders amnesia el lunes con retracted the vote in the Camera Alta to cancel Trump’s veto on the annual defense authorization bill if McConnell does not take part in the new economic alibi project.

“Déjenme is clear: If Sen. McConnell is not in agreement with a vote in favor or in return for the proportion of the people working in our country a direct payment of $ 2,000, the Congress will not go to the Año Nuevo party. “, Sanders said in a statement. “Hagamos nuestro trabajo”, aggregate.

Pase lo que pase … ¿Cuando llegarán los checks?

It is hoped that the 600-dollar payrolls will be paid as early as this week, according to an official from the Treasury Department.

And if the Senate were to pay the estimated $ 2,000 checks, the estadounidenses that he had received the original 600 dollars would receive a second payment of $ 1,400 in order to pay $ 2,000, according to The Associated Press.

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