Why is Trump the favorite of Republicans for 2024?

(CNN) – Last week’s poll: a new Gallup poll found that 87% of voters identified with Republicans as President Donald Trump in the cargo election.

A live poll of interviewers who, in addition to CNN’s standing by the elections, found the Trump approval index among Republicans at 89%.

What is the point? Trump’s derrota in 2020 debería, in theory, execute a power vacancy in las republican republics. The last person to win a candidacy from an important party after losing a presidential election was Richard Nixon in 1968. The last president was elected Grover Cleveland in 1892.

A miracle on the revelation dates, without embarrassment, that Trump finds himself in an exceptionally strong position to maintain his control over the party. As soon as the opposition demonstrates, Trump will be considered the favorite for the Republican candidacy for the presidency in 2024.

In the last election, Trump won the mayor’s proportion of unidentified Republican voters in the era of ballot box polls (94%).

Trump surprises with new oil of indulgences and commutations 3:04

The polls have shown that there is no such thing as a single election between the Republicans. Among its propositions, Trump’s 89% approval rating index in live polls and 87% and 90% in Gallup’s postal poll polls are the strongest for any president who has lost a candidacy for a second mandate in the era of the inquiries.

Gerald Ford read with an 80% approval rating among Republicans in the Gallup poll of December 1976. Jimmy Carter stig en een meer 50% between Democrats in the November Gallup polls and December 1980. George HW Bush released an 84% approval rating among Republicans on a Gallup poll from November 1992 to 1993.

In other words, no president loses in the era of the White House polls with the most willing volunteer of the potential primary electorate of his party like Trump.

Vote of the College Verkieing of the Formal Victory Joe Biden 11:49

Trump, Republican candidate 2024?

The first poll in 2024 was published since Trump’s election as the favorite.

It has a promo approximation at the beginning of the voting of the primaries and we will increase the 20%.

Without a doubt, it is not possible to dissuade other candidates from running for office. There is no way to guarantee that the Republican candidate for the presidency will be in 2024. Todavía will be in 2020, for the love of God.

Without embarrassment, no one else is running that may have been postulum and stubbornly voting as well as Trump at this point has lost the primaries of his party. Hecho, the other candidates who are voting at the levels that Trump is voting and will pass Al Al Gore in 2000 and Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Gore and Clinton’s figures are strong enough to increase the number of postal candidates in primary schools.

The other presidents who lost (Ford, Carter and Bush) did not hesitate to look at Trump’s initial numbers.

Ford owned 20% of Ronald Reagan and las Gallu’s 1977 Gallup polls.

Carter has already drafted 13% of Ted Kennedy and Walter Mondale and the 1982 Gallup de principios polls.

Bush was late in the run-up to the 1996 Republican nomination, which has not yet been announced as a potential candidate. A question was asked (one in which the pollsters offered a voluntary response) from a poll by CBS News / The New York Times, in 1993, found that only 4% of the Republicans said they were in the 1996 election. the quarter will be followed by Bob Dole (who won the candidacy), Jack Kemp and Ross Perot.

Hecho, losing a campaign generally gives the future prospects of a president. The Mayor of the Republicans, without embarrassment, dice el el president president Joe Biden only won by election fraud.

In other words, Trump’s attraction as a fan todavía les es fiel.

And it seems that another Republican can perpetuate this mysticism of Trump announcing that he will not postulate, will be difficult to win.