Where can you find the new, only audio mode of Netflix on Android

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Netflix is ​​currently testing a special audio mode for its mobile applications – specifically Android. Wthere is no guarantee that the always useful feature will see the light in a stable version, it is promising, aIf you are lucky, you can test the feature now.

I totally understand that you’re mocking the idea of ​​”listening” to a movie instead of watching it, believe me. I would have had the same reaction too, but we always did in my early days as technical editor. A bunch of the Maximum computer staff spent the day in the laboratory performing all sorts of standard tests, building (and breaking) various components, and packing and unpacking unlimited ship compartments. We would use movies to pass the time, but it’s not like we can just look down and watch it. We had shit to do.

Is something lost through a sound-only experience? Obviously, yes, but if it’s a movie you’re pretty familiar with, the footage has been lost – whether it’s just checked from time to time or watched favorite scenes – such a big deal. I can see that the same is true if you are traveling and do you want something more exciting to listen to than the radio (or your favorite podcasts). Why not put on your favorite movie? Etcif you do not stream video, you should use much less of your precious cellular data slice (theoretically).

To see if you are eligible for the Netflix audio-only trial, make sure you are at least running version 7.84.1 (build 28 35243) of the Android app. It’s easy to check in the Google Play Store; do not tap “About this program” and scroll down until you see the version number under App Information.

If you can, try signing up for the Netflix beta at the bottom of the app list. It was full when I checked, but if you could get in, you increase the chances that you will be selected to test these types of features with limited release.

A word about it: Since Netflix’s audio mode is just a server side, you can not see it in your app, even if you have the latest version available. If you qualify, you’ll know it quickly once you upload something to watch on Netflix. At the top of the view, right above the pause button, you will see an option to turn the video on and off.

Illustration for the article titled Where to find Netflix's new audio mode on Android

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I do not have the option, so I get the normal screen, displayed above. (Also accuse Netflix of not allowing screenshots of the content.)

If you have access to the feature – fortunately, you will also find a brand new option in the Netflix Settings screen. Among the modified Video and audio playback category in your app settings, you can choose when Netflix should only be the audio mode: always, never or when it detects that you are using headphones or external speakers.

We do not know when Netflix will introduce this feature to everyone, or it will ever happen, but we will report back if it changes. However, I can not wait to check the feature, because I can not wait to enjoy movies without wasting precious data during those moments when I can not fix hours on my screen.