What can you expect this week with checks and the presumption that Trump is firming companies? | News Univision Politica

Donald Trump’s unexpected demands on the coronavirus’s economic package and the annual presumption to fund the governing body – both approved by the Congressional Council can this week be the destination of the legislatures that the president promises to promote.

Trump, in exchange, dedicating his active jornada to all of his vacations in Florida insisting that $ 600 checks on his “miserable” plan and in its infamous denunciations of a presumptive “electoral fraud” of which it seems to present evidence.

The time is right Trump’s negative both bipartisan initiatives could force assimilation of the federal governor when the diner is agote at 12:01 am this este martes. Tuesday, December 31st, win the moratorium on discounts and millions of people in all the quedaran countries risk losing their techs.

In conjunction, treat yourself $ 892,000 million for the financial contribution used by the covid-19 pandemic and $ 1.4 trillion (trillion in English) to finance federal agencies until September.

The two presumptive quadruplets in a limbo after having received light red with a large amplitude in both rooms of the Congress and from the same Casa Blanca – led by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin – assured Republican leaders that Trump would support it.

El presidents, prohibition of sin, so you must do it. The plan is a new aid and pays for the checks that include $ 2,000 raised from $ 600 consensus by lawmakers across the bargaining chip in Washington.

The Democrats of the Chamber of Representatives will salute the presidential petition and, in an unusual session on December 24, will vote without approval to approve the amendment of a vote with a unanimous consent. It is not uncommon for the media to be blocked by Republicans, who in their majority are reacting to another package of aid that could drive the deficit deficit.

So, what are the scenarios that could be seen in the next few days? These are their three of them: