“We do not decimate or have good days”: Rebecca de Alba reveals César Costa’s traction in A New Day | EL IMPARCIAL

MEXICO CIUDAD.-Rebecca de Alba dio had an interview with Yordi Rosado that she had a very bad experience with César Costa in the program Un Nuevo Día, to the extent that it is not possible to do more.

“Three years ago we lived perfectly, after” algo “was sued when he left with permission, and we did not say goodbye or good days”, commented.


“Entos are based on a math program that gives us a good sense of humor and life and everything is genuine, but it is between them and you do not share it. “That’s the day when you can kill our neighbor”.

Rebecca affirms that it took a long time in this strenuous work, because she did not like it, because the activity of her partner was not the ideal.

“If you’re in a job where you have constant lack of respect, or you’re engaging with your partner or you’ve been cheating on something, and there are no accounts, seriously, there are all the alternatives that you can do.”

“Yo ahí me la jugué porque dejé de ganar sueldo, raiting … este … el público, la pantalla. Cuando a mí me pasa algo que ya no tiene remedio ya ni hablo, tomo decisiones”, dijo.

For the last time I revealed that at the moment there is nothing that can be said and simply done.

“At the professional level I made the best decision I could have made. I worked in other countries, discovered various Rebeccas, lived in vulnerability, and went to Spain to talk to him. I help him”.

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