Watch the Boston Dynamics robots dance on ‘Do You Love Me’

In a beautiful dance video featuring incredible engineering performance and partial advertising for the robotics industry, Boston Dynamics showcased four of its robots performing fully choreographed dance steps to The Contours’ hit “Do you love me.”

The MIT spinoff sells its lifelike robots to warehouses, police, utilities, laboratories and factories to perform tasks better and safer than humans can.

To show how far the skills of his robots have come, Boston Dynamics on Tuesday turned on his robots, the mashed potatoes and some intricate dance moves that were one part impressive and one part creepy.

Tesla CEO and renowned artificial intelligence skeptic Elon Musk noticed: “It’s not CGI” – even if the impressive performance was beyond belief.
Boston Dynamics did not quite achieve the business success that some robotics champions expected or hoped. The company lists only a handful of customers and has had three different owners over the past three years: Google (GOOGL) bought it in 2013 and then sold it to Softbank in 2017 before Hyundai bought it earlier this year.

In June, the company began selling its robot dog Spot to U.S. businesses for $ 74,500 each.

Spot, which appears in the video with the more human Atlas robots and the Handle robot with wheels, is the best known product of Boston Dynamics. The four-legged robot has attracted attention for the tasks it can perform, which include running, climbing stairs, and even reminding people to do social distance in the Covid-19 era. It is usually used for inspections at construction sites or similar situations.

But Atlas stole the show in the video “Do you like me”. Last year, Boston Dynamics showed Atlas performing parkour tricks, including flyback, somersaults and 360-degree turn jumps. This year’s video was fierce, by comparison, and showed how far Atlas’ capabilities had come within a year.

Atlas was a convincing dancer and performed rhythmic jumps and high-legged kicks in rhythm.