WATCH: Fire destroys printing plant in Rochester, New York after bombing in Nashville

In a video is an explosion of City Blue Image in Rochester, New York

A Christmas Eve fire that broke out on Christmas Day destroyed a printing house in New York in a historic building.

Officials say they do not know the cause of the giant fire at City Blue Imaging.

See how the building collapses below:

Read more about City Blue Imaging at this link:

Separately, on Christmas Day, an explosion of an RV in Nashville destroyed numerous buildings, including one belonging to telecommunications giant AT&T.

Police say the bomber was a man named Anthony Warner, who was killed in the blast. Three others were injured.

According to authorities, the reason more people were not injured is because for some time there was a warning from the RV before it exploded. A woman’s voice could be heard, apparently recorded, and the men within earshot said, “This area must be evacuated now. If you can hear this message, you must evacuate now.”

Police said the van also broadcast the 1964 hit song “Downtown” by Petula Clark.

Here’s another:

Watch the surveillance video showing the moments before the explosion as well as the explosion itself:

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