Walmart, Target, GameStop, and more

A new year means a new opportunity to watch next-generation video games. Although the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be difficult to achieve in 2020, many gamers continue to hope that both systems will be more readily available in 2021.

Although there is no official evidence to support such hopes, it seems likely that the holiday rush is dying. If you’re hoping to secure an Xbox Series X or Series S before the end of winter, this is what you need to know, including tools to install and retailers to check out in January.

Popfindr, OctoShop and other tools to find Xbox Series X consoles

If you are not quite sure how you can even start finding stock, do not worry. There are various websites, Twitter accounts and Google Chrome extensions that keep you stocked. You can use it to find an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console once it’s back in stock. PopFindr is especially useful as it helps you view the inventory at local stores if you plan to upload a console in person.

If you get the console online, an extension like OctoShop which is also location based and regularly checks several retailers is also very useful. Turn on notifications when it comes to Twitter accounts @ Wario64, which is constantly tweeting as new consoles become available. The Stock Informer Discord channel can also help you track inventory. If you want to get rid of these tools, you have to do the legwork yourself by watching the big retailers.


Target is the largest retailer to look at 2021. After rumors that the console stock was re-planned, it appears that it finally came through in the last week of December. Twitter users are sharing screenshots of their successful Series X orders, which were presumably available for in-store pickup.

It’s not exactly clear if this was the start of a new wave or a one-off thing, but it’s worth checking out the Series X and Series S pages for updates.


GameStop is especially worth following Xbox updates, as inventory usually lasts longer compared to retailers like Amazon. GameStop has sporadically added console bundles to the site, where players can pack a console with a few games or extra controllers. The deals are usually an intimidating price, but that means they are usually online a little longer. If pre-investment is not an issue, it’s worth it to follow the path to saving your headaches.

The dealer last had a bundle available on December 19th around 12:00 Eastern, which remained a bit. That package included NBA 2K 21, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and an additional controller.

Microsoft Store

The best advice when it comes to finding an Xbox is to shut down the Microsoft Store. The retailer has been putting up the new consoles fairly consistently since they were introduced, so this is one of the best photos to find one at the moment. The only catch point is that shipping from the Microsoft Store may be a bit slower than other retailers. It took me about three weeks to get my own Series X shipped.

Best buy

It’s been a hot minute since the Xbox Series X or Series S appeared at Best Buy. The retailer last offered it for sale on December 15, so it is possible to get a refreshment sooner than other retailers. The only catch is that they tend to sell out particularly quickly.

Although there are no official details, Best Buy usually announces stock in advance to give buyers only a few hours’ notice in advance. Last time, the retailer even gave a slight time period, saying the systems would be available after 9 a.m. East. So it’s worth checking out his social channels for updates.


Walmart is one of the latest retailers to stock new Xboxes. The Series S last appeared on its website at about 12:45 Eastern on December 23rd. There was not much warning when this happened, but the dealer usually gives notice before consoles go up.

Overall, Walmart is pretty consistent when it comes to stock, so they’s a good trader to keep an eye on if you do not want to track down a whole bunch. Set up alerts on Series X or Series S pages and keep your trigger finger ready.


Amazon can be a wink and you miss the experience when it comes to Microsoft’s new systems. The Series X and Series S look random and come off just as fast. The last inventory looks set to return to the East on December 17 at about 11:30 a.m., two days after a larger inventory hit most retailers on Dec. 15. If there is a rush, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on Amazon in the days that follow to see if it repeats the same pattern.


Newegg has been a surprisingly good way to find an Xbox since its launch. Like GameStop, the retailer tends to set up larger bundles containing bundled games and extras. Newegg’s last refresh took place on December 21, a little later than the little mid-month wave, so it’s worth setting up alerts on the Xbox Series X and Series S pages to make sure you don’t a less competitive rush on a less popular mission does not miss trader.

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