Villeda Morales Airport is listed to operate international flights

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport is listed to operate international flights.

From 23 December, the air terminal will resume operations with national flights. Currently CM Airlines is the only airline to offer flights to Roatan, La Ceiba and Tegucigalpa from San Pedro Sula.

Although the Eta and Iota towers cause serious damage to the Moreda Village, which is obliged to stay closed for 47 days, the terminal is recovering from a fire and is eager to become the most active of Honduras.

Authorities explain that since December 23, the national flights in aeronautical category A and B, which are generally composed of turbohélice aircraft.

Since then he has been working hard on the supervision of the Honduran Civil Aeronautical Agency (Ahac) and the Central American Corporation of Air Navigation Services (Cocesna) to rehabilitate form to ensure commercial air navigation, passenger and cargo.

In this sense, “once the calibration process carried out by Cocesna’s laboratory has been completed and it has been determined to habilitate the airport from ayer to the 17:00 for RNP (ARNAV) operations, the aircraft can be used by the national and international airlines with capabilities and certifications to execute these procedures and in this manner have the capabilities to operate the C and D aeronautical hours during the saliva operation and have the power of the sun “, indicates the communication issued by the Honduran Infrastructure and Airport Services (Ehisa).

The writing also states that international flights that are equipped with no restrictions, the numbers are described in the different Notam’s published, with acceptable levels of operational security that allow to operate all the other lines that can be.

Michael Wehmeyer, President of the Honduran Association of Air Lines (Ahla), stated that the area lines are subject to the authorization of Class C and D airplanes in order to plan flights.

Cabe said that the airlines American Airlines, Sosa and Lanhsa had announced the announcement of operations starting on January 14 and 15 from the Moreda Village.

“Through the pandemic many of the aerovolines have to reduce their capacity, their quantity of aeronaves and also the available tripulation and there are service stations that the airlines need to complete, ”he said.

Wehmeyer says that at the moment there are all the airlines that operate in the City that are available and interested in returning because they are very profitable for them.

Mónica Martel de Aguilar, member of the Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies of Honduras, Opinion that the operation of international flights affects the sale of tourist packages and packages.

“The hot air from San Pedro Sula has an attractive price, the prices from Tegucigalpa and Roatan are even higher,” Martel said.

Reanudan operations in ad deposit of La Mesa

As part of ayer, aduaneras operations will be resumed at the Swissport deportation loading and storage terminal La Mesa.
The train station of Eta and Iota, the Swissport and Aimar deposits that operate in the aduana La Mesa in La Lima will be closed temporarily, but the operations will continue through the depots.
The Adunera Adunera de Honduras mediante communiquado informed that the operations in the Swissport deposit are being renewed from ayer.
I was able to realize the relevant limp work and the condition of the aduana.
During the Swissport temporary closure, La Mesa operations will continue to operate from its other deposits: Sicarga, Almasa, DHL, BTD Customs & Warehouse SA, Hondumares and Zofraco in the 33rd floor, El Polvorín sector.
It was anticipated that Aimar’s deposit would be for the lunes.