Viewers on ‘Masked Dancer’ are so sure they know who Tulip is in the program

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Though The Masked Singer was not challenging enough, Fox now makes things even more difficult with the latest league series The masked dancer.

Similar to the The Masked Singer, the purpose of The masked dancer is to find out the identities of ten secret celebrities based on cryptic clues and weekly appearances. The big difference? Viewers now only have dance steps to go from instead of vocal performances.

Needless to say, it would be pretty hard to guess all 10 masked dancers correctly. But in the spirit of trying, we are going to start rounding off all the best predictions for Tulip and go from there.

Who’s Tulip on The masked dancer?

Although the clues are quite limited at the moment, we have already gathered some important facts about the intoxicated flower:

Based on the information alone, here is who the internet thinks can hide in the beautiful flower costume:


Photo credit: Steven Ferdman
Photo credit: Steven Ferdman

According to some fans, the famous actress should be considered a main suspect. Not only Zendaya have experience as a backup dancer and to compete Dancing With The Stars, but her first look at the Emmys this year – where she became the youngest recipient to ever win the Outstanding Leading Role in a Drama Series Award for her role in Euphoria – was a black-and-purple tulip dress (see below).

Coincidence? Maybe … or maybe not. Only time (and more clues!) Will teach!

JoJo Siwa

Photo credit: Andrew Toth
Photo credit: Andrew Toth

Before JoJo became a hit on Youtube and TikTok, she was a talented dancer on Lifetime’s In mammas. What’s more, JoJo is known for her high energy, a trait that Tulip also possesses. In addition, JoJo appears The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon last year where she challenged the late-night host to dance (which incidentally also includes flossing).

Some may think it’s not JoJo because of her recent participation in season 3 of The Masked Singer as T-Rex, it is quite possible that producers wanted her to be in The masked dancer casting too. Why not?

Simone Biles

Photo credit: Craig Barritt
Photo credit: Craig Barritt

Simone is an Olympic and artistic gymnast – to speak, the gymnast with the most medals in world championship history. In other words, we have no doubt that Simone can translate her athletics to the Masked dancers increase. While it is not entirely clear what Simone’s connection to Tulip may be, we do not yet exclude the all-star athlete.

All in all, we think it’s probably a little too early to explain Tulip’s identity. Rest assured, though, we’ll be updating this post in the coming weeks with more clues and theories, so get in touch with us again soon!

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