View the NFL’s post-panoramic rumble

The seminal jornada of the Semana 16 division of divisional crowns and guaranteed the first place in the summer in a conference, but other teams will make valuable opportunities

Estimated friends of ESPN, llegamos a la penúltima semana de temporada regular en la NFL.

As it is logical to these altars of the time, some teams logran boletos to the postemporada and other pierden his possibilities to access it.

We repeat what is in and what is out.

In the NFC

Loose Seattle Seahawks read the Semana 16 with the possibility of securing the West Division of the National Conference and lo lograron, pero in this party enfrentaron to a rival of division, Los Angeles Framework, which haber won ese party habrían logrado boleto in the playoffs. Es decir, the duel tenia much in game, and equivalent to a postpartum party.

Seattle insure one West Division that during a good part of the time I was very much disputed between Seahawks, Frame y Arizona Cardinals

In this career as a couple and promising a photography final is imposed the most experienced corridor, Seattle.

The caida of Los angeles abrió, además, la puerta a los Chicago Bears, quienes ya sueñan con playoffs y tienen el destino en sus manos, cortesía también, de la derrota de los Cards ante los San Francisco 49ers in action of the sabbath.

Loose Frame tendrán que esperar una semana más, y lo peor es que su quarter, Jared Goff, suffers from an apparent pulmonary fracture, which can be treated with KO for the last week.

By his side, el Washington Soccer Team pudo asegurar la Este Division of the Nacional –gracias al descalabro sufrido por los New York Giants at home Baltimore Ravens-, peru tuvo el mal tino de elegir el juego contra los Carolina Panthers for one of its peers exhibitions of the year. Perdió y con la victoria de los Dallas Cowboys about Philadelphia Eagles, le abrieron la puerta a los’Boys to win the division, while the newcomers retain some opportunity, too.

Philadelphia with the tropics officially leaving the contingent.

The next week, Dallas if mite ante los Giants. Si los Cowboys ganan y Washington pierde ante los Arende, los de Jerry Jones ganan la división y estarán en uitspeelwedstryde.

Loose Giants essential ganar a Dallas and hope for the tropics of Washington ante Arende.

The United States capital tienen, todavía, the control of the division. Si ganan a Philadelphia will enter without importing the results of its divisional rivals.

The result is incredible, in this small division, three teams have options to qualify in the last week.

In the mist National Conference, ya pesar de su triunfo, los Green Bay Packers he did not insure the Number 1 of the siembra, ya que Seattle ganó -igual que los New Orleans Saints-, and tend to have one more week to do.

Some of our three teams: Packers, Saints y Seahawks, has the possibility of winning the downhill in the first round of the post-season.

In the AFC

Those who insure the N ° 1 of their Conference fueron los Kansas City Chiefs, which sufrieron ante los Atlanta Valke, pero ganaron por 3 puntos.

Loose Pittsburgh Steelers, after three consecutive rounds, ensure the crown of his division to win them Indianapolis Colts.

Loose Cleveland Browns pudieron haber ganado, incluso, esa division norte si los Steelers perdían y ellos superaban a los New York Jets. A victory, announced at Indy’s descent, the tendrians with the ball to the playoffs in the mano, but the things now their distinction. Loose Bruines the next week is between the Steelers, but it will take a couple of meters to reach the post.

Ravens y Miami Dolphins keep control of your futures, go to them Cincinnati Bengals y Buffalo Bills, respectively.

Loose Colts podrían haber tomado the leader of the Sur Division haber ganado a lo de los Steelers, you’re loose Tennessee Titans cayeron ante Green Bay.

The derrota de ambos en el Sur deja abierta la contienda par aquel que gane la proxima semana.

Claro que, si Tennessee supera a los Houston Texans, do not import the result of the Colts front to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Indianapolis necesita ganar y esperar algún tropiezo de Miami, Baltimore o Cleveland. Si además, pierden los Titans, ganarían el sur de la Americana.

On the other hand, in the “sounds” of the NFL, el segundo triunfo de los Jets in the year of the official manner with the second position for the next draft.

Loose Jaguars volvieron a perder, se quedan con una victoria, y son de manera formale “los ganadores” del primer turno in recolamiento colegial Proximo.

Need a quarterback, the logic is that Iran is Trevor Lawrence de Clemson, which will be posted by the title of this year in the NCAA.

We have the regular time of the NFL y en la última semana todavía hooi mucho en juego.