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Mexican actress Victoria Ruffo has not given the major details of his new look, but his followers praised him.

The Mexican actress, Victoria Ruffo surprised her on her Instagram account while posting an image in which she appeared with a radical change of look, which led to a series of reactions between her followers, between the famous Maribel Guardia.

With a “hello” letter in the publication, the actress shared a selfie in which her cable light with one of the rubies distilled, image that impacted to all, and that Victoria Ruffo is one of the Mexican celebrities who hid her black cable during the years.

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Victoria Ruffo Instagram photo captura

“Muñeca !!! Merry Christmas with your cable ”, written by Maribel Guardia. Other Mexican celebrities will also admire the surprising change of actress.

Además of his cable more clearly, the famous used a filter with Christmas lights. Before showing off your change of look, the actress has published other images using filter filters.

On the other hand, the change of look is only with the help of a filter, then to the actress of telenovelas like ‘La Fiera’, ‘Simplemente María’ and ‘Corona de Lágrimas’, among others, the taste will make use of them, in other surprise surprise with his white cap.

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The Mexican actress did not give major details of her new color of cable, but her followers praised her. “Divine”, “every day is beautiful”, “I sing”, “marvelous”, “what beautiful is”, there were some reactions from his fans.