Vice President Pence reaffirms the first part of the setup to restore the 6th enero results certificate | News Univision Elections in EUEU 2020

Vice President Mike Pence reiterated the intentions of a Texas Republican and 11 Arizona Republican voters that he would use to return the results of the presidential election, inform the representatives of that group, and the former president we will present a request in return for hoping that the law is legitimate to do what is necessary: ​​Discuss the certified results of the states in which Donald Trump’s campaign ensures that there is no electoral fraud.

The representative of Texas, Louie Gohmert and the Republican electors of Arizona that Habrian represented Trump in the Electoral College if he was jealous of the state, will present a lawsuit against Pence that he is moaning with what he is looking for to ask the Vice President to determine which presidential electors will meet the Congress at the time of certifying the election results.

This is a legal initiative without precedents, especially the need for a federal court in Texas to give the vice president the authority to cancel the results in those states that Biden won the next 6th of January and that the Senate only had voters to vote for. by Trump.

The Republican group contacted Pence looking for support in his legal intention, but the conversations without reading to no agreement, according to new legal documents that will be made public this March, for which reason the request is presented.

“At the teleconference, the petitioner’s representative had a significant intention to resolve the legal issues subyacentes median an agreement, including the vice president’s lawyer’s opinion that the tenants’ intention to search for a medium to be informed in case de acuerdo “, the representatives of the Republican group will give a presentation in which the case will be closed the case for the 4th of January, open two days before the protocol meeting in the Senate to receive the certification of the elections.

The case is in the hands of the juez Jeremy Kernodle, of the Texas District, who was assigned to his cargo by President Trump.

The Gohmert Order also has its requesting partners who immediately send a copy of the order to a Pence attorney, the Department of Justice and the United States Fiscal Office for the East Texas District.

What does Mike Pence have to say?

This is the decision of Vice President Mike Pence, who has just left one of Trump’s most loyal men, marks a clear and important rupture with the employees of his wife to return the election results to all costs.

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Hasta el momento the Vice President has not commented on what is the date of certification, which will close the next 6th of January; per laassada pasana semana dijo en un mitin: “Vamos a seguir luchando hasta que se cuente cada legal vot. Let’s go to Georgia, let’s go to the United States, “says the multitude gritaba:” Detengan el robo “.

However, the role of Pence in this process is even more symbolic, as it is responsible for overseeing the joint session during which the Congress certifies the new occupant of the White House.

This paper is directed by a 1887 federal law known as the Electoral Code Act, which only institutional regulators rule that restrict the constitutional power of the vice president to determine the results.

Vice President Tampoco has publicly commented on Trump’s statements to return the results of the electoral process and find out about the White House.

These are the hopes that will influence the final certification of the Electoral College in Senado, its ultimate hope of Trump and his sequel to some Republican assistants and congressmen after suffering from over there through various courts with demands and petitions that Buskaban impugns results and that he has been reprimanded, including juices dumped in his cargo by the Trump bill.