VER Liga vs Barcelona SC IN VIVO DIRECTO GRATIS a traviga de Liga Pro Ecuador 2020: gida parti via de GOLTV en GOLPlay por la vuelta de la final del ecubol de Ecuador | FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL

In the city of Quito, Quito League vs Barcelona takes place (IN VIVO | IN DIRECTO | ONLINE | FREE) at the Rodrigo Paz Delgado de Quito stadium, for the second final of the Ecuador Pro League. Follow the incidents of the party to the GolTV Ecuador signal on GolTV Play. Assimilation, check the transmission and narration of the party, as the main incidents per minute by minute of The duel of ida quedo equalized to a goal. Also share on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram of Liga y Barcelona.

The teams from the team to the title went through 1-1 in the home of ‘Idolo’, when Johjan Julio in the last action of the first time ahead of the ‘Albos’, while in the reunion of the enclosure, Jonathan Alvez empató para the convoy of Guayaquil.

La previa de Liga de Quito teen Barcelona

As in the case of IDA, the case will be the assistance of the VAR and will be played without the presence of taxpayers also in the capital of Ecuadoria, the city that currently accumulates the mayor of positive cases of COVID-19 in the country .

The duel will also take place between finalists, but this year they will have two disputes: the Copa Ecuador won the Pablo Repetto with the League, while Fabián Bustos took the winning victory in historic form the Ecuadorian champion with Dolphin.

Will you watch Quito vs Barcelona SC League by LigaPro?

GolTV is the league-qualified signal to watch the LigaPro party that will present to the Quito League “despite a long year, with many complications for all, miles of retorts that surpass, victims of abuse and compensated situations”, indicates portalweb.

Además, “apart from game sequels that are intermittent with 2, 3 and up to 4 games in less than 15 days that we have to discuss; lesions that we mermaron, enfermedades that our atacaron, and the great difficulty of not seeing our henchas in the grades ”.

Barcelona’s integrators will be taking part in the COVID-19 trials with miras in the quarterfinals in which their “only objective” is to sell champions, the judge Mario Pineda said in social speeches.

“We are doing an intelligent job. If we are having a difficult party, we know that we are judging. In each of ours the only objective is to sell champion. It will not be easy, but we are waiting for the mayor to escape, ”he said.

What time will the Quito vs Barcelona SC league game be played by LigaPro?

Mexico – 19:15

Peru – 20:00

Colombia – 20:00

Ecuador – 20:00

Bolivia – 21:15

Venezuela – 21:15

Argentina – 22:15

Chile – 22:15

Paraguay – 22:15

Uruguay – 22:15

Brazil – 22:15

Spain – 02:15 (December 30)

Quito vs. Liga League Barcelona SC: Possible paragraphs

Quito League: Adrian Gabbarini; Pedro Pablo Perlaza, Franklin Guerra, Moisés Corozo, Christian Cruz; Lucas Piovi, Lucas Villarruel, Matías Zunino, Júnior Sornoza; Johjan Julio and Cristian Martínez Borja.

Barcelona SC: Javier Burrai; Pedro Pablo Velasco, Darío Aimar, William Riveros, Mario Pineida; Byron Castillo, Bruno Piñatares, Nixon Molina, Emmanuel Martínez; Damián Díaz and Jonathan Alvez.

Will the Quito league against Barcelona SC be played by the LigaPro?

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