Vacation to attend the Covid-19 contagion will promote the Medical Tourism sector in Puerto Rico

The initiative for the evacuation of medical staff in Puerto Rico and first responder staff, is an important element that will have a positive effect in the Medical Tourism sector, as is the case in Iceland as a destination for patients from other states or recipients. Medical assistance of excellence, ensure a reasonable cost, demonstrated the Secretary of the Department of Economic and Business Development (DDEC), Manuel A. Laboy Rivera.

“The medical tourism sector has a promising future in Puerto Rico and faces the emergence of the Covid-19 propaganda, the hospitals and medical offices continue to attract patients from various jurisdictions in the field of medical services”, says Laboy to this domingo in a written communication.

In addition to the vacancy law, the protocols developed by the Medical Tourism Program and medical institutions are summoned, the patients receive treatment from professionals evacuated against Covid-19 and many of the higher security standards. The way this economic sector has opportunities to continue its expansion in the Isla. Our compromise continues to support public policy work and in alliance with the private sector strategies that maximize this work work in our Medical Tourism Program, including a mayor reconciling the services that Puerto Rico offers, ”added the Secretary of the Secretariat.

The recent approval in Senado and the Chamber of Representatives of the Project of the Chamber 2382, will allow the establishment of the Medical Tourism Office in the DDEC, transfer the funds of the Corporation to the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico, among other things economic sector.

“A complete completion of these processes will generate an economic impact for the Island attracting approximately 30,000 patients in the next 3-5 years, which represents an economic impact of 23.5 million dollars. For the year 2021, the process will be established to establish a valid certification for hospitals, hotels and medical offices and the following specialties: dental, cardiology, orthopedics, cancer, neurosurgery, gynecology, fertility procedures, pediatric orthopedic secretariat.

The Medical Tourism Program includes other public policy initiatives to retain and attract Salud professionals. It is also planned that the dispensation of passengers that the Department of Transportation of the United States will facilitate the legality of patients from various parts of the world in order to receive medical treatment.

“For the next year, the Medical Tourism Program will have various initiatives to promote the Isla. Meanwhile, they are forming alliances with the Ministries of Health of the Caribbean Islands in order for Puerto Rico to be its first option at the moment to send its patients to receive medical treatment at another jurisdiction. También will also establish alliances with health insurers in Central America in order to use the island as one of the most viable alternatives to the United States, where the costs of treatment are high. On the other hand, they work with the medical directors of the cruise lines based in San Juan in order to use the health services provided by the Medical Tourism Program to reach out to its travelers. Otra of the initiatives will coordinate events with the car insured in the states of Florida, Chicago and New York, in order to include and the hospitals of Puerto Rico as part of its network of providers ”.