Up to 4% increase Cubacel International Charges

Since then, in order to receive Cubacel’s promotional bonuses, it will have to charge 500 pesos ($ 20.84) for Etecsa to increase the prices of international charges.

In this way, with the monetary order, the prices of the Cubacel charges will change to Cuban weights and the international charges will range from 250 pesos (the minimum) to 1250 pesos (the maximum).

New prices of Recargas Cubacel

Yamel Barroso, CEO of DimeCuba, statement of the los precios, the las recargas Cubacel, the 4% documentation for the final debido of the customer and the subrecidas of las recargas.

The announcement made by the Cuban governor has taken place the exchange rate of the dollar in 24 Cuban pesos. Without embargo, the tariffs that ETECSA will apply, starting in 2021, will not be multiplied by 24, but by 25 pesos.

The minimum charge from the outside to 250 pesos. To cover this amount, customers will have to pay by January 1, 2021, $ 10.42 for every 250 pesos they receive. Esos het 42 centavos extras constituyen un aumento del 4%.

The prices of the Cubacel loads will not be 20 CUC, and the bonuses will be increased. In this way, the current rates are multiplied by 25, but the rate of change in the country is 24 Cuban pesos for 1 dollar.

For this, the prices, the cubic charges, will be the following:

Recargas Internacionales Prices in CUC Prices in Cuban pesos
10 10 250
15 15 375
20 20 500
25 25 625
30 30 750
35 35 875
40 40 1000
45 45 1125
50 50 1250

As of this date, from the 10th of December to the night of December 31st, 2020, the 6th of the month of January 1, 2021, the recharging service will not be active until the platform updates are updated.

The providers of loading agencies, DT One and Cy Send, are coordinating the adjustments, with ETECSA, to avoid service interruptions.

Asimismo, ETECSA establishes the final prices of the Cubacel loads and can not exclude them 5 dollars of nominal value.

How to make an international Cubacel launch?

The best option for your Cubacel reloads is with DimeCuba because of its speed, speed and safety. In addition, this agency allows Cubacel to retrieve all possible forms:

  • In the first place, entering the page of DimeCuba
  • Visiting the office in: 3750 W 16th Ave Ste 100, Miami, FL 33012
  • For the last time, calling the numbers, in miami: 786-706-6919 y al 786-408-2088

In DimeCuba we are always happy to serve y conectarte con los tuyos af Kuba.

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