Unused Cyberpunk 2077 Monorail found in the game

A player came across an incomplete transit system in Cyberpunk 2077, which seems to be meant to have more functionality.

While you explore Cyberpunk 2077, one player came across a Night City transit system that looks like it was meant to offer a lot more functionality in the past. If it serves as an example of cut content still lingering in the core game, it certainly would not be the first.

Thanks to one of Cyberpunk 2077’s more notable cubeware upgrades, the reinforced tendons, have enabled players to create a double-jump capability that allows for parkour-like movement around the map. This is especially interesting, as the RPG once boasted wall mechanics, a feature that CD Project RED threw aside due todesign speeches. “It’s clear that remnants of another intriguing movement option can survive to some extent. And that’s not just true of the carved wall game.

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In the editing of CD Project RED’s latest open world, Reddit user Sybekul (via PCGamesN) encountered a monorail system that led to a station called ‘NCART“for”Night city area fast transport. “The user’s message claims that it may have been a creation that the developer did not have time to finish. One look inside the drive indicates why the Redditor drew such a conclusion. The player could have in the first place the door of the station opens and enters, despite the unfinished condition of the interior.The lower floor of the station is incomplete, so is the roof.In fact, a quick glance at the roof shows that some assets in and out of sight jump.

It was apparently determined not to find players. But maybe it will be expanded when CD Project RED can start researching Cyberpunk 2077’s previously teased content after launch? Although a hidden message from the studio remarked that the first of such DLC would appear in the form of free content in early 2021, it remains to be seen if that is still the plan. Presumably the schedule before launch did not take into account the extensive number of corrections required Cyberpunk 2077 to stable functionality on the latest generation hardware.

Because CDPR’s latest project is so incredibly large, there is nothing to know about what other pieces of clipped content can be seen in the game world. If there is more to be found in this regard, it could eventually hit the internet, especially due to the large number of players who have ventured all over the world. Within a week of launch, and despite the myriad performance issues, Cyberpunk 2077 Exceeded 13 million sales copies.

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Cyberpunk 2077 is available on all Google Stadiums, PC and Xbox platforms. Although removed from the PS Store, PlayStation users can still purchase physical copies of the title in retail.

Source: Reddit, PCGamesN

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