Unpredictable NFC East is still undecided on its way to Week 17

Haskins admitted during the week that Sunday would probably be his last chance to keep the team going beyond this year, especially after he was taken off without a mask during the birthday party for his girlfriend. She seems to dispel doubts against the Panthers.

The hope in Washington is that Alex Smith will be healthy enough to play in the final game after missing the last two games with a strained calf. Rivera said the team had hoped so on Friday, but Smith “did not feel” on Saturday morning, according to Rivera.

The chances that he will return to Haskins if Smith is unavailable appear to be slim, as Skral has left the stadium. Rivera apparently indicated on the virtual call to the game that she was running out of patience. Conversely, he used words and phrases such as ‘gutsy … outstanding … big vision … gave us a chance to win’ when discussing Heinicke.

Meanwhile, the Eagles are probably feeling good about their QB situation with rookie Jalen Hurts, who has played well since replacing Carson Wentz a few weeks ago. His ability to make plays breathed life into the franchise again, so much so that Philadelphia could have put together a winning game against Washington if it had beaten Dallas Sunday. However, it squandered an early lead of 11 points and lost 37-17.

The best the Eagles can do now is play spoiler, though Hurts is still trying to close out the starting lineup for the starting lineup in 2021 after throwing for 342 yards and chasing for 69 yards against the Cowboys, even though his three turnover was a problem.

Dallas (6-9) won three in a row after failing to score consecutive wins all season. Each faced a rugby quarterback – although Hurts was a significant upgrade from Wentz – and while that would not be the case on Sunday against the Giants (5-10), it would be an unforeseen setback with Daniel Jones , the Cowboys, be. is compared to an offense that has not scored more than 19 points in its last five games and a total of just five touchdowns during that period.

But if we have learned one thing this season, it is to expect the unexpected in the NFC East. Mercifully, however, the turn-off branch will come to a halt next weekend.