United States bombing ship B-52 at the Gulf of Persia in the midst of rising tensions with Iran

A Boeing B-52
A Boeing B-52 “Stratofortress” over Afghanistan (REUTERS / Archive)

United States sent these strategic bombers B-52 to monitor the Gulf of Persia, the second showing of this type in a month, in a force demonstration destined to attack Iran by attacking onlookers or allies in the Middle East.

A high-ranking military official stands at the agency AP that the aircraft of the Boeing B-52 “Stratofortress”, huge bombers with the ability to carry nuclear weapons in operation through the Air Force, was sent to the signals of that Iran is planning planned attacks against EU ally’s targets in Iraq or in other regions of the region in the coming days, including when the president electo Joe Biden prepares to assume the load.

The official has not been authorized to publicly discuss internal evaluations based on sensitive intelligence and subject to anonymity.

The mission of the B-52 bombers, flying and flying from a base of the Air Force in Dakota of the North, reflects the recent occupation in Washington, in the last weeks of the administration of President Donald Trump, which Iran ordered more Military retaliation by Operation March 3 that killed the Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani. Iran’s initial response, including five deadly attacks by state drones, led to an attack by ballistic missiles against a military base in Iraq that caused cerebral lesions in 100 state soldiers.

Peru Iran has reportedly described Trump’s intentions in recent weeks in the cargo, saying he has been centered on Tehran with sanctions and other measures he has given to the economy of the Islamic Republic. “Trump will assume all responsibility for any adventurism that occurs when it is salient”, the Minister of External Relations of Iran, Javad Zarif, wrote on Twitter on December 24.

The Minister of External Relations of Iran, Javad Zarif (REUTERS)
The Minister of External Relations of Iran, Javad Zarif (REUTERS)

The attack on the 20-year-old cohabitation against the EEUU embassy in Baghdad has been intensified by groups of militias backed by Iran. Nadie murió, pero el volume de cohetes disparados – posiblemente 21, con cerca de nuue aterrijesjes en el complex de la embajada – fue unusually large. Días más tarde, Trump tuiteó que Iran staba al tanto. “Some good health advice for Iran: If an American dies, he is responsible for Iran. Piénsenlo ”, written on December 23. And added: “We are carrying out new attacks against Americans in Iraq”.

Debating the potential for escalation that could lead to a more violent war, the EU has tried to dissuade Iran from further attacks. The strategic calculations of both jobs are becoming more and more complicated by the political transition in Washington to a Biden administration that can look for new fireplaces to treat Iran. Biden has said, for example, that it hopes to turn the United States into a 2015 agreement with the global powers in which Iran accepts its nuclear activities in exchange for the delivery of international sanctions.

To announce the bombing of these bombers, the EU Central Command commander said there was a defensive move.

“The United States continues to display capacity lists for combat in the area of ​​responsibility of the Central United States Central Command in order to reach any potential adversary, and make it clear that there are lists and capabilities to respond to any direct action against it, Frank McKenzie, Commander of Central Command. “We will not conquer the conflict, but we must underestimate our ability to defend our strengths or to act with a decision in response to any attack.” No menation in Iran por su nombre.

A photo from the archive of April 14, 2018, which entonces Teniente General de la Marina Kenneth
A first photo from the archive of April 14, 2018, the entonces Teniente General de la Marina Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie has a temporary society with the medical communication and the Pentagon in Washington (AP Photo / Alex Brandon, Archivo)

Antes del annuncio, die amptelike militêre estadounidense die burgemeester rango que habló con la conditionie de mantener el anonimato dijo que la intelligensia intadounidense ha detectato signos recent of “amenazas bastante importantes” de Iran, en qulüanan la planning aus conides atisons in Iraq in relation to the first anniversary of the death of Soleimani.

The EU is in the process of reducing its troop presence in Iraq from 3,000 to around 2,500. Trump ordered that the reduction be announced by January 15; the officials say that it is likely that they will stay as soon as the next week.

United States has also received signals that Iran may be considering “more complex” attacks and more ambitious targets against American interests in the Middle East, including the official military establishment, assuming that the seniors. The official citation There have been indications that Iran’s Iraqi army has recently been advancing and that the leaders of the Iraqi militias could have met with officials of the Iranian Quds Force, preferably commanded by Soleimani.

PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVE: Iraqi women are reunited at the site where the commander of the Iranian Fuds Qudsem, Qassem Soleimani, and the commander of the Iraqi militia Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis murieron in an EEUU air strike in Europe / Europe Okaili)
PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVE: Iraqi women are reunited at the site where the commander of the Iranian Fuds Qudsem, Qassem Soleimani, and the commander of the Iraqi militia Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis murieron in an EEUU air strike in Europe / Europe Okaili)

The official statement states that Iran will have to focus its efforts on the economic objectives, ending the attack with missiles and telecommunications planes in September 2019 against Saudi oil refueling facilities. Iran has been implicated in the attack by United States during the attack.

In the last few weeks, the United States has issued a series of statements aimed at disseminating to Iran, while it has publicly stated that it has not planned, has not received instructions, has taken statements against Iran.

Last week, a submarine carrying missiles from the Marina of the United States hosted an unusual transit on the Ormuz Strait, the strategic strategic road between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula.

In December, a B-52 bomber from the Barksdale air base in Louisiana wanted the military to launch a “presence” mission on the Gulf., a demonstration of the strength of the United States and a signal of compromise of the United States with the region, but not an attack mission. This week it was repeated this week, with the B-52s flying from the Minot Air Base in Dakota of the North and taking to the streets the pupils having crossed the Gulf’s western barn.


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