UIA repudia license reduction for vacations to public servers

The President of the Independent Authentic Union (UIA), Luis de Jesús Rivera, repudiate the Jews, the decision of the Junta de Control Fiscal (JCF) and the governor to reduce the vacancies of public employees for the second time in the quarter .

The syndicated union responded to the Special Memorandum 40-2020 of the Office of Administration and Transformation of the Human Resources of the Government of Puerto Rico, which reduces the number of vacancies for public employees at noon, from 30 to 15 years.

“During more than four years the public employees are entitled to an annual license of 30 days for holidays as an important marginal benefit to compensate for the low salaries in the government. This benefit was paid to the public employees in the year 2017 with the approval of the Ley 26 which reduced to only 15 days the annual license for holidays. According to a lengthy proclamation process leading up to the Legislature’s loggers working on Ley 176-2019, the devolution to public employees over 30 days of annual vacations, ”said Jesus Rivera in written communication.

Without embarrassment, it is said that in recent years the juries Laura Taylor Swain of the District Court of the United States of Puerto Rico acceded to a petition of the June Fiscal Control Board that the court has provoked that the governor approves the Special Memorandum 40 -2020 as reduced by the second time, in less than four years, the holiday license of 30 to 15 annual days. The Junta indicates that the restoration of holiday slides and nursing slides is available to public employees so that the governing labor force “is less efficient”. These statements are based on some and we want to present empirical data of his allegation that the public employees are less efficient and enjoy more vacations and holidays “, said Luis de Jesús Rivera, President of the UIA Executive Committee. The goblins of Puerto Rico must open and learn the good deeds of other parts of the world. It is embarrassing that hacenas are closing in on the world in order to be the most apparent to the United States of America, which is the only country that has considered free time remuneration as a law and a right. Australië, Alemania, Italia en España offer more than 30 free days paid up to this year and holiday days remunerated, while both federal legislation does not exist basic labor law such as the Vacation and Sickness License. There is also a maternity leave license and the federal scheme in the United States.

It is said that it has company companies that offer to hire between 5 and 15 free days remunerated this year. A study by the Center for Economic and Political Investigation of the United States found that a quarter of private sector workers do not have paid holidays. Following a survey conducted by the Glassdoor.com webpage, the employee is aware that the free time correspondence is paid only at the same time as the correspondence. According to the survey, 28% of those who work ten days a year will be back in their work place while 17% explained that they lost their jobs, another 19% indicated that there are no vacancies because they want to spend time with Competence for job promotion, all based on a work culture in the workplace. However, there are more North American companies that, independently of the example of their jurisdiction, are able to increase their benefits to ensure that their teams have optimal working conditions.

On the other hand, Jesus River indicates that in Puerto Rico we can allow the Tax Control and Governorate of this country to impose a culture of help. Labor benefits such as licenses and the Christmas voucher are a form of remuneration received by the worker, the objective of this benefit is clear: increase the quality of work of the worker, increase the labor satisfaction to a mayor’s motivation realize its work and boost its productivity. One of the great benefits of labor benefits is for both parties, the governor and the workers’ tales such as the satisfaction of employees, the image of the governor, labor and familiar conciliation and labor peace. ”

The Chairman of the UIA Executive Committee reports that the Tax Control Board, the Executive, Legislative and Syndical Movement need to negotiate this controversy over the benefits of Puerto Rican workers and people. “Workers will not allow ourselves to be left with the right and we have to take care of our job to restore what we lost,” he concluded.

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