Twitch Streamer’s Mouse Destroyed Christmas Dinner

A relaxing Christmas Day cooking stream is ruined as Twitch streamer Hollycannabis interrupts her roast by an elusive rodent.

With Christmas time, more popular Twitch streamers can take time to spend with the family. Some smaller streamers rather use the opportunity to spend the holidays on stream and make contact with viewers on a more intimate level. For Twitch streamer Hollycannabis, this stream was nothing more than her usual Just Chat streams.

Hollycannabis is a streamer that, apart from the Just Chat category, also streams occasionally Death by daily and Ear Watch. When Holly is not playing, he regularly does cosplays for her chatters and recently streamed her transformation for The Christmas in The Grinch.

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For this stream, Holly was sitting on a cold showcase with her cooking and was taking a tray out of the oven when a mouse jumped out of a kitchen drawer and ended up in the oven. Moments later, when Holly looked at the oven and drawer at the bottom, the rodent was nowhere to be found.

A few minutes after the first encounter, Holly re-examined the oven drawer and used pliers to sift inward. The mouse, hiding under a baking sheet, terrified the spreader as he ran to cover. Shortly afterwards, a grieving Holly looks into the camera as she exclaims, ‘Guys, I’m scared to death. What am I doing? ‘

An hour later, Holly, furiously, streams in an update that gives more details about the planning and aftermath of her wholesome Christmas dinner, which began preparing gingerbread cookies at 2:30 p.m. At the time of the incident, the spreader was cooking an entire feast and ended up baking the cookies along with a ham. Although Holly managed to catch and restrain the mouse, the spreader admitted that the rodent had escaped. As a result, she chose to live with a friend and said she ‘had to throw the house away’.

It’s sad to see that Holly’s hard work and dedication was ruined by an untimely plague. Since 2020 is an object for everyone to participate in, it is very difficult to disrupt it further by something we cannot control. On the other hand, Holly’s attempt to peacefully relocate the mouse is one of the many good examples set by Twitch streamers recently.

Other streamers have had different experiences during streaming during the holiday season. The popular battle king streamer Tfue has a Minecraft current was interrupted by a police officer, who requested that the spreader come out with his hands up. Fortunately, the situation was resolved without injury, but later a donor who was believed to be the “swatter” teased the spreader with the message: “get swatted.” On a lighter note, fellow Twitch streamer Pokimane received an interesting gift in the form of a ‘boyfriend resume’ during a short Christmas unbox stream. In the end, she decided to pass on the potential boyfriend, because he did not win. Val guys.

Holly’s experience also serves as a slight change in the pace of recent news about Twitch’s stream of controversial bans and policies. Hopefully Holly can channel the viral fame from this moment into opportunities in the future.

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Source: Dexerto

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