Trump’s queens die to those in need in the limbo

(CNN) – President Donald Trump’s bad humor and his country suffers from it.

Fury with Senate Republican Leaders by heropnemer who lost the election of President Joe Biden, Trump has recently resigned from the coronavirus polling package that he negotiated with Democrats and his governing bill, giving millions of stadium members to benefit its ancient political allies.

In addition to the fact that social media companies should manipulate elections in return, a defense law project has been adopted because it does not derogate from the liability protections of these companies.

Insisting that his proposal governs work in opposition to ignoring false accusations of electoral fraud, he suspends the possibility of finding minors enjoying winter vacations in the south of Florida.

In addition to helping to decredit the investigations concerning its own proposition and its alliances, it uses its power of attorney to eliminate the conditions presented by the special tax authorities Robert Mueller, including a system of law and order in the process.

Impulsado lasts much longer than the queues, Trump appears to ensure that no record will prevent him from pulling the load. Use the days when the president comes to adjust accounts, even the ones to suffer from nothing related to his baroque conspiracies or his ego.

Debate that Trump is willing to sign off on the project – which his assistants will help to edit – on Saturday night, millions of witnesses who will pay their last payment will not be able to receive any more help when needed. It is estimated that 12 million attendees will receive their final payment by example for the week that concludes this week, according to The Century Foundation. Trump’s cohort-19 legislation seeks to increase the number of seminars that people can run in two pandemic sample programs and increase US $ 300 weekly benefits until March.

Trump continues this week to demand that direct pay checks be increased from US $ 600 to US $ 2,000, a figure supported by Democrats, while producing one day after the approval of the bill and the abandoned Congress la ciudad, dejando a los estadounidenses desempleados en el limbo.

The hecho that Trump did not dare to convey his demands with anticipation suggest that he paid close attention to the legislation and that the lines of communication with the Republicans of the Senate in the Capitol were degraded after recognizing the victory of Biden.

“No established statement for those presidents actually establishes attention to tenia many other things in the game,” said the Saturday representative Don Beyer, a Democrat from Virginia, in CNN’s “Newsroom.”

These other things are central to his failed attempts to reverse the choices he has made. Initially supporting Trump’s efforts to defy the results in court, Senate Republican leaders are moving mainly to congratulate Biden on his victory, enforcing Trump and sending him to seek revenge.

His negative has now been confirmed by the package of estimates has been considered by some Republican officials as such as precisely, criticizing the leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, for noting the proportion of checks due to the status quo that Trump’s propositions initially offered US $ 600 checks during negotiations.

On Saturday, Trump filed a lawsuit against McConnell and wrote on Twitter that Senate Republicans “did not do anything” to help refute their fraudulent allegations. Reference to the leadership of the Senate Mayor simply as “Mitch” and hizo poco to counter the impression that his obsession with the elections elected any real intention of gobernar. In another post on this platform, a reference is made to the major protests that will take place in Washington on January 6 in the form of formal ratification at the Biden Electoral Congress, an event that Trump is willing to detain. with the help of the Conservatives and his Deputy Vice President.

Including the Republicans there are some more frustrated.

“The reason why he was surprised at all is because he thinks the president was involved when he was working to establish him while working on these negotiations,” said Denver Riggleman, a Virginia Republican representing Congress. CNN Newsroom.

“It’s what succeeds when you wrap it up in an election that you lose,” he said.

Trump extends the blame

Donald Trump seems to be less focused on the difficulties of the states that he has in his proposed problems. Including a day of celebration during which the victims of the pandemic pesaro regarding the capacity of the stadiums to celebrate, kept silent. On Saturday, the country unveiled a gloomy hit: 1 in 1,000 people died from covid-19 since the first infection was reported at the end of January.

But pass the word of mouth to those who are concerned about whether or not to consider their results by canceling the results of the elections, a list which now includes the three powers of the governing body.

The Supreme Court, which in the wake of this month has been blaming Trump’s case, “is completely incompetent and stupid,” the president said on Twitter. It is clear that the bodies in charge have managed to complete the lee of their own administration “should be averaged” by not accepting their demands to investigate the non-existent generalized electoral fraud, advising that “history be recorded”.

And he continues to criticize the Republicans of the Senate for not “taking a step forward and running for the presidency, as the Democrats are really hubering”.

Trump has not mentioned in any way the possibility of a governor’s candidacy, which now has been pouring in unexpectedly during the period of vacancies since he signed the funding project, which is helping the coronav packet.

In the desperate video that grabbed the package last week, Trump looked at the levels of funding his case casts and what he proposed in his presumption this year. When asked about this week in his club, Trump attributed the figures, in particular to the outside aid, to the “deep state”, being a person familiar with the conversations, one of the most persistent arguments during his time in the cargo.

It is the “deep state” that Trump has also blamed for the investigations into him and his associates, who are now trying to get rid of his clandestine powders.

Lost power

At the moment, Trump has lost to four associates – including his friend Roger Stone and campaign manager Paul Manafort – who were denied by Mueller’s investigation that Trump had made an illegal attempt to resign from the presidency.

His other indictments last week, including including some Blackwater security guards condensed into massacres of Iraqi civilians, also designed to help establish a justice system that Trump wants to fail. The day goes by for the women investigating and processing the cases, as for the women who arrive all to testify in them, is great.

«It’s aplastic. Geen hooi otra forma beskrywing », affirmed the satirist Andrew McCabe, the FBI deputy director who has been attacked by Trump and now is a collaborator of CNN, distancing the case of Blackwater in particular.

“It is an incredible effort to convene all these Iraqi civilians, who are going on a great pilgrimage to the United States and to testify, to be here, to be safe here,” he said. “Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. In fact, it’s a pity for the men who live side by side with war crimes, it’s incredibly slow. It’s aplastic. This is the only way to describe ».

Without embarrassment, in Trump’s opinion, he has been the victim of corruption and generalized crime, a position that should be impulsive as part of his actions, while he is serving his term.

Trump is implicitly in Section 230, a path that protects Internet companies from liability for what is published on their Web sites. Trump alleges that empresses like Twitter are part of a Democratic camera because they label all their lies as misinformation, including various weeks of the week.

During a round of golf with Senator Lindsey Graham on Christmas Day, Trump continued to express his insistence that Section 230 be abolished.

Last week, the President vetoed the draft defense law agreement with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA, by its seal in English) in spite of the fact that the technology companies of these protections. Mediation establishes that the first cancellation of the veto of his presidency, which entails the members of his party in return.

Without embarrassment, if the NDAA does not agree with them, those that have been affected by the recent Republican series. In addition, there will be the tropes of study and their families with women in addition to the salary increases, the performance on parental leave and the parent license that are included in the project, as well as the new benefits for Vietnam veterans to Agent Nar and military base construction projects.

However, given his right to do so, the media has established a test of loyalty to Republicans, who during his ten years in office have not been able to reach out to the leader of his party.

“Definitely has women voting for the President of the House. Much of this has to do with its base, its fundraising or its resources. Creo que tienen un pied de miedo de ponerse de pie at this moment »afirmó Riggleman, unxfunctionar de intelligensia de la Fuerza Aérea que perdió la nomination Republican in sudistr este año despuci de una boda entre persona des mismo sexo.

“Many of us are the most traffickers, because we cancel the NDAA veto or want to approve a project by the covid, or if we approve the assignments, or if we want to retain this ridiculous phrase” paren el robo “, afirmó Riggleman.

“Much of this is based on the location of the conspiracy theories and the location of the disinformation, and we believe that we will break the ice and detain this most rapidly evolving area. It is simply a matter of control at the moment ».