Trump’s pursuit of $ 2,000 stimulus checks hits dead end in Senate

President TrumpTrump to cut Florida’s trip back to Washington, Intel’s Vice President, said on Thursday that the government agency’s cyber attack ‘may have started earlier’ Secret Service has made changes to presidential details amid concerns that current members agree with Trump : reported MOREThe push to increase the amount of stimulus checks from $ 600 to $ 2,000 appears to have died in the water in the GOP-controlled Senate.

Trump calls on Congress to increase the amount provided by a recently passed $ 2.3 trillion deal, an idea that quickly gained support from Democratic leadership, some Republicans from the House and a growing number of Republicans of the Senate.

But a bill to increase the checks faces steep roadblocks – politics, policy and procedure – making it increasingly unlikely that lawmakers will get legislation on Trump’s table by Sunday afternoon, the deadline for the current Congress.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnell Major test vote on Trump veto imposed on Friday Jeff Stein: Battle over K-direct payments ‘puts tremendous pressure’ on Republican caucus Dow closes on record in year-end MORE (R-Ky.) Promised that the Senate would not pass an independent bill on checks, which would give a fatal shot to the already rising chance that the bill passed by the House could be passed without significant changes by Congress come.

“The Senate is not going to split the three issues that President Trump linked to each other just because Democrats are afraid to address two of them. The Senate is not going to be bullied into handing out more borrowed money into the hands of democratically rich friends chase who does not need the help, ‘McConnell said.

The IDP leader argued that the bill passed by the House did not match what President Trump had proposed and that he had no realistic way to pass the Senate quickly.

Sen. Pat ToomeyPatrick (Pat) Joseph Toomey’s government used the Patriot Act to collect visitor files on the site in 2019. The Court of Appeals ruled that the NSA’s collection of telephone data illegally withdraws Dunford from the chair of the Coronavirus surveillance panel. (R-Pa.) And McConnell blocked the home measure on Wednesday, the second day in a row. McConnell blocked the same legislation twice on Tuesday, when the Democratic leader of the Senate Charles SchumerChuck SchumerMcConnell blocks vote on K checks, indicates New York Democratic Party chairman’s new package warns Ocasio-Cortez against Schumer’s provocative preview on Sunday: COVID-19 relief awaits Trump’s signature; government continues to expand vaccine MORE (NY) tried to pass it and then Sen. Bernie SandersBernie Sanders Former Sanders spokeswoman explains how Housemates can force a Medicare for all votes. Stimulus checks bill blocked in Senate for a second day Stimulus check; (I-Vt.) Try to set up a mood.

McConnell proposed a competitive measure that would link an increase in checks to the removal of a legitimate shield for tech companies and the establishment of a commission to investigate the 2020 election. But the proposal is seen as a non-starter for Democrats, emphasizing that the GOP bill is also incapable of passing the Senate.

‘There’s no other game in town other than the Home Account. … The house has been built for the year. “The amendment or addition of the House Act cannot become law before the end of this congress,” Schumer said.

If the Senate goes through anything other than the exact language of the House bill, the measure over the Capitol should bounce back and be passed a second time by the House, where lawmakers have already left the city and are not expected to return until Sunday for the swearing-in. the 117th Congress.

The stalemate ensures that the Senate is unlikely to accept a check proposal before noon. If Congress does not act before that time, they must start all over again.

The Senate already needed an agreement to get a check vote, as lawmakers are currently ready to discuss a veto arrangement of an unrelated bill until Saturday. Recognition of such an agreement is highly unlikely.

Asked if a checking account would not pass before Sunday’s deadline, Sen. John CornynJohn Cornyn Senate intends to override Trump’s defense bill, pushes for 000 stimulus checks, hits Senate buzzword Juan Williams: GOP issue with women of color MORE (R-Texas) said, “I think under the circumstances, I think I’m probably true.”

“They are not prepared to consider any other pieces, any other provisions in the bill … and they want to spend the money on people who honestly suffered no financial losses during the pandemic,” he added.

Asked about possible political setbacks against Republicans for preventing Americans from getting extra money, Cornyn added: ‘After we spent $ 4 trillion? No, not in any normal world. ”

Sen. John ThuneJohn Randolph ThuneHawley must challenge the result of the Electoral College in the Senate that is ready to ignore Trump’s defense bill. (RS.D.), McConnell’s no. 2, added that it was difficult to see how the Senate could conclude the work on a check proposal without an agreement being unlikely.

‘The Dems are not going to give us the chance [Section] 230 and I think on our part it is probably difficult to get permission for the checks, ”he said.

The unraveling of the dual pressure to increase the dollar amount for direct payments comes as the debate has sparked deep divisions among Senate Republicans, highlighting the problems supporters have faced getting an account on Trump’s desk to get.

A handful of Senate Republicans have cast their support behind the idea, including Sens. Kelly LoefflerKelly LoefflerOssoff concludes Loeffler’s critique of Warnock: She campaigned with a Klansman ‘Jeff Stein: a fight over direct payments by K’ and put tremendous pressure on the Republican caucus. Kemp rejects Trump’s call for resignation as a distraction (Ga.) And David PerdueDavid Perdue Ossoff concludes Loeffler’s critique of Warnock: She campaigned with a Klansman ‘Jeff Stein: a fight over direct payments by K’ and put tremendous pressure on the Republican caucus. Kemp rejects Trump’s call for resignation as a distraction (Ga.) Who are fighting for their political lives and the fate of the struggle for the Senate majority.

But several others are opposed to raising funding, or are concerned about the structure of the bill passed by the House. Because the House Account has increased the amount of the checks while maintaining the same phasing-out structure, higher-income households may be eligible for payment.

“I think it’s a very inefficient way,” Thune said, adding that he did not increase the amount. “If we want to have a discussion about what we can do more, I think we can do it next year.”

Sen. Lamar AlexanderLamar Alexander A Vaccine, a Burrito and more: 7 lighter, more memorable moments from 2020 At COVID-19, foreign policy elites are just as polarized as the public The Hill’s Morning Report – Congress finally reaches COVID-19 Emergency Relief Agreement MORE (R-Tenn.) Argued that the recent bill passed by Congress was’ targeted ‘, but’ the $ 2000 problem is not the goal. This applies to people who have not lost any money as a result. ”

Toomey, who promised to block any attempt to vote on a check bill, argued Wednesday that it would be irresponsible for Congress to alleviate more money, part of which goes to individuals who do not work during the coronavirus pandemic have not lost.

“How does that make any sense?” he asked.

Sen. Mitt RomneyWillard (Mitt) Mitt Romney Legislators from two parties call on Trump to veto the Coronavirus signature bill or immediately, Trump’s legacy: a lasting contempt for the truth? The Memo: Could Pence Run and Win in 2024? MORE (R-Utah), the party’s 2012 presidential candidate, pointed to the cost of raising checks.

“Someone has to pay for it,” Romney said. “We can not just have free money. There must be taxes. We have to pay interest on the debt. ”

McConnell presented his rival proposal, arguing that it was in line with what Trump was looking for. In sy signature statement Trump said Sunday that the Senate “will begin the process for a vote that raises the checks to $ 2,000” in addition to repealing Article 230 and launching an investigation into voter fraud. ‘

But Republicans are not sold on tying Article 230 to the fight over stimulus controls, especially not after leaving the technological battle of the National Defense Act, despite Trump’s demands.

Sen. Susan CollinsSusan Margaret Collins Senate intends to override the veto of Trump’s defense bill. Press for, 000 stimulus checks, hit the Senate buzz On the track: the political winners of 2020 MORE (R-Maine) argued that the checks and section 230 were ‘two separate issues’.

Cornyn, who is now with McConnell, said the repeal of the liability shield used by tech companies was not a budding thing for the debate over increasing the amount of stimulus checks.

“I think we need to address 230, but I just think that’s not the right way to do it,” Cornyn said. “I am in favor of doing something, but not this week, not on this bill.”