Trump’s opinion is on the other side of the hope of life.

(CNN) – One of those days when the benefits for millions of stadiums expired, President Donald Trump had a different point to make: his ex-model appeared in the wake of a fashion show like the first lady.

“False notices!” was seen on Twitter from Palm Beach, preoccupied with Melania’s social station in Navidad while the stadiums were being refuged at home, supporting unforeseen vacations due to the pandemic, caused by the prospect of an insane gunman and extradition by one the authorities say it is intentional.

That Trump has little inclination to reflect the lies and preoccupations of the Mayor of the United States is not new. Pero his electoral derrote only parish returns the insensitivity that separates his own experience of the country, including when insisting that the country mercy more.

The queue of the port of fashion is producing when the president regresses from his golf club in Florida to his property in front of the sea, where in some places hopes the massive package of coronavirus live that was sent specifically from Washington for consideration . An official familiar with the matter said that the project of the stable in Mar-a-Lago the fires on the moon.

Three days ago, Trump appeared in a video that some of his Parisian assessors said he was grabbing to denounce the project, insisting that he did not pay attention to the estates and he was loaded with unwelcome guests. Since then, many people, including the Republican members of Congress, have been able to obtain more clarity on how Trump will proceed.

“Hice many llamas and tuve meetings at Trump International in Palm Beach, Florida,” Trump wrote on Friday. «¿Por qué los políticos no querrían darle a la gente US $ 2000, and lugar de solo US $ 600? Geen fue su culpa, fue China. Denle a nuestra gente el dinero! »

If the company does not approve the project, which will renovate short-term development programs, extend a moratorium on sales, repair federal bonds for small businesses and proportionate direct payments of US $ 600 per stadium.

The US $ 600 check is due to a misery for the people who lie with the stranger and the impacts bills. Without embarrassment, it was announced that the promise would be made that the next week when officials, including Trump’s Treasury Secretary, proposed the project he was negotiating.

Now the destination of those controls is going to be shorter, even if the federal government does everything it has to do to keep it afloat.

Putting the life in doubt

When the question arises in his club this week about his posture, which appears to have nothing to do with the position that the governors of his governing body in the elaboration of the package, Trump said to his associates that the media is charged with « carne de cerdo », some people are familiar with the conversations.

To record that he practically proposes the various guest figures included in the bill, which governs the governor financed the past months, in his proposal of this year, Trump burles, said a person familiar with the matter, insisting that the work of the “deep state”.

Four years after he was able to take over the cargo, Trump demonstrated his appetite for the governing process. After practically failing to pay attention to the conversations about the help package about the covid, centered on his useless efforts to delay the results of the elections, Trump will now appear to meet his real-life demands.

On the other hand, Trump is demonstrating a voluntary renewal of opposition directly to the leadership of his party, furiously because he recounted Joe Biden’s victory. Much as commencing his political career involving high-ranking Republican officials, Trump is going to end in high-profile terms with Mayor Litch Mitch McConnell, who is still a little tired.

When he called “reunions” on his Florida golf camp – because people familiar with the diarrhea as described by the mayor as informal conversations with guests and friends – he approached Trump to distance himself more than a few lines Republicans who have maintained their load are importing the last four years.

On his Christmas Day golf camp, Trump played a round with Senator Lindsey Graham, one of his principals associated with the Senate, who, ahead of Trump’s video, supported the package.

“The livestock is on the truck as soon as the project is completed,” wrote the Republican of Carolina del Sur.

When Trump launched his video, Graham volunteered to support the more powerful controls and fired the night after Trump became unconditional in his demand.

“I hope to spend some time with the president @realDonaldTrump today, it’s convenient to decide that we will only increase the estimated pay of US $ 2,000 per person and deny the protection of civil liability of the great grand technologies of the Section 230 », Tuiteó. “The son of Ambas is claiming to be a destroyer, and he hopes that the Congress will be saved.” El burgemeester ganador seria el pueblo estadounidense ».

But when the legislators let Washington Washington this week, no parish has enough support for the US $ 2,000 paychecks, which does not have a clear road ahead.

Trump did not appear particularly anxious to explain.

Golpeando los palos (otra vez)

In Navidades pasadas, the president sali of his vacations in Palm Beach to help his wife return to Santa Claus during NORAD, a salute that in 2018 left a memorable questioning of a year of 7 years about to create grandulón.

«Porque a las 7, es marginal, ¿verdad?» Trump asked, in a humorous joke that, this year, he found out while he was doing an inexperienced attempt to turn down an election that was lost.

He has also made public his annual discourse on the members of the stationary service stationed in the extranjero during the passing holidays, and generally assisted in the vespertina mission in the vispera of Navidad in Bethesda by the Sea, the church of Mar-Piedra near Lake took place in 2005 (an event in which, for sure, Melania Trump appeared in the Vogue portal).

This year, Trump passed all the tram festivities held at his club or on the golf course, without inviting anyone to the press – and by extension to the public – to see what was happening exactly.

It was posted on Twitter that the “fake news” was not “invited” in his speech to drop the fires. And there is no mention of the Nashville explosion, which killed at least 30 people and appeared more mysteriously when authorities revealed that the vehicle was transmitting a message before it exploded as “a potential bomb detonated in 15 minutes”.

Trump has been very sensitive for a long time to the titles that are said to be vacations, knowing that during the previous administration he was on Twitter about the guest and the optics of the recreation of a commander in chief.

As President himself, the result was most difficult to adhere to the existing states that were established for President Barack Obama. In Navidad, Trump made his 309th visit to one of his golf courses from which he loaded the cargo.

Every day in Palm Beach, the White House has added a very special note to its agenda that alerts readers: “During the Christmas season, President Trump will continue to work hard for the public.” His agenda includes many meetings and events ».

But all the days he had the same 10-minute journey from Mar-a-Lago, through the Intracoastal Waterway, to his golf course, where CNN’s cameras were caught in the green with his red hair and his shirt from white golf.